Dr. Golam Morshed: Educating The Masses About Heart Diseases Through Social Media

Dr. Golam Morshed: Educating The Masses About Heart Diseases Through Social Media

Dr. Golam Morshed , Heart Specialist, Interventional Cardiologist & Assistant Professor

Dr. Golam Morshed

Heart Specialist, Interventional Cardiologist & Assistant Professor

The Anticipated Size Of The Worldwide Healthcare Market During The Forecast Period In 2021 Was Us$ 32.08 Billion. By 2030, This Market Is Projected To Have Grown To Us$ 121.1 Billion, With A Cagr Of 15.9 Percent From 2022 To 2030. Within The Healthcare Segment, The Role, And Demand Of Cardiology Are Rapidly Increasing. In Many Parts Of The World, More And More Individuals Are Facing Heart-Related Problems, Which Are Also Causing Early Deaths. Changes In Lifestyle And The Environment As A Whole Can Be Attributed To This Increase In The Development Of Early-Age Heart Issues. However, As The Need For More Cardiological Attention Increases, So Does The Need For Highly Qualified And Competent Cardiologists. Asian Countries Are Highly Competitive And Filled With A Lot Of Doctors, However, When It Comes To Competency And Excellence Of Skill And Knowledge, A Few Names Stand Out. Dr. Golam Morshed Is One Such Outstanding Cardiologist In Asia, Currently Located In Singapore. Let’s Hear From Him In This Interaction.

Could You Give A Brief Account Of Your Professional Background And Experiences? What Is The Motivation That Fuels Your Daily Work?

I Received My Medical Postgraduate Degree (Mrcp) From The Royal College Of Physicians, London, Uk, After Earning My Medical Graduate Degree (Mbbs) From Chittagong Medical College. Following The Conclusion Of My Internship, I Began My Post-Graduate Training At The Birdem Hospital In Shahbag, Dhaka And Gained Knowledge On Managing Diabetes And Preventing Complications In Diabetics Throughout Their Lifetime. I Then Started My Training In General Internal Medicine  At The Dhaka Medical College Hospital After Joining The Government Where I Oversaw The Care Of Thousands Of Challenging Patients From Throughout The Nation At Dmch. My Medical Career Was Greatly Impacted By This.

Shortly After, I Transferred To Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (Bsmmu) For Further Training. Thereafter, I Was Assigned To The National Institute Of Diseases Of Chest Hospital In Mohakhali, Dhaka. Following This, I Joined The National Institute Of Cardiovascular Diseases (Nicvd), Dhaka, As A Part Of My Cardiology Studies. Over The Years Dealing With A Variety Of Difficult Heart Disease Patients Earned Me Two Promotions While Working At Nicvd. The First Was A Junior Consultant Who Was Swiftly Promoted To Assistant Professor Of Cardiology At Nicvd. I Relocated To Singapore's National Heart Centre (Nhcs) For My Advanced Cardiology Training And Learned About Modern, High-Tech Cardiac Treatments And Precision Medical Procedures. My Passion Is To Effectively Address The Patient's Issue And Maintain Their Longterm Health And Disease-Free Status And This Is What Drives My Consistency

How Would You Define Dr. Golam Morshed As An Organization And Its Current Position In The Healthcare Industry?

Having Spent Decades Using Social Media To Regularly Disseminate Health Information To The General Public, I Am In Fact An Institution In The Healthcare Sector. I Am Kindly And Appropriately Supporting The Patient's Family As Well While Attempting To Create A Culture Of Wellness In My Own Neighborhood.

How Are You Leveraging Health Information Technologies In Healthcare Decision-Making And Investigations? What Are The Latest Tools The Hospital Has Deployed In Terms Of Both Investigations And Treatment?

Digitalization Has A Significant Role In Improving The Decision-Making Process For Health Services. Homebased Devices And Medical Informatics Are Very Helpful To Medical Care Providers. As A Result, Patients Stand To Gain Greatly From The Advancement Of These Medical Innovations. Hospitals Are Connecting Patients And Providing Remote Health Care Through Applications. Even Interventional Cardiologists Perform Various Procedures Like Angiograms And Angioplasty Remotely Through Robotic Technology.

By Consistently Providing Health Facts, I'm Attempting To Get Their Attention On Living A Healthy Lifestyle

What Are The Latest Challenges Hindering People From Making The Right Lifestyle Choices? Also, What Are The Solutions For Helping People Make The Right Choices?

An Unhealthy Lifestyle Is A Significant Risk Factor For Our Patients, Particularly For Those From The Indian Subcontinent. Most Of Them Lead Sedentary Lifestyles And Their Diets Are Not Well-Balanced Or Healthy. Additionally, They Don't Lead A Relaxed Lifestyle. All Of These Contribute To Their Obesity, Which In Turn Causes A Host Of Chronic Illnesses, Including Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Disease, Stroke, And Renal Disease. Sharing Health Information With The General Public Is An Excellent Strategy To Educate Individuals About How To Resolve These Issues. For This, I Use Social Media. By Consistently Providing Health Facts, I'm Attempting To Get Their Attention On Living A Healthy Lifestyle.

Could You Reflect On Some Of The Toughest Challenges You Have Encountered In Your Journey So Far? How Did You Overcome Them And What Did You Learn From Them?

Misperceptions About Health Concerns Are Among The Most Difficult Problems In Our Nation. When Working With Patients, I Often Run Against People's Erroneous Beliefs And Thoughts Regarding Health Issues. Communication And Adequate Counseling Are The Only Ways To Get Through These Challenges.

In Light Of Your Strong Experience Within The Industry, What Advice Would You Give To The Upcoming Healthcare Industry Leaders?

The Patient-Centered Treatment Is The Focus Of Healthcare Managers. For Producing Effective Doctors, Nurses, And Technicians, They Should Invest Substantially More In Ongoing Medical Education. The Practice Of Healthcare Should Incorporate Precision Medicine.

Dr. Golam Morshed, Heart Specialist, Interventional Cardiologist & Assistant Professor, Cimec Health

 Dr. Golam Morshed Is An Assistant Professor Of Cardiology At The Ministry Of Health & Family Welfare In Dhaka, Bangladesh. He Has An Mrcp In Medicine From The Royal College Of Physician, Uk, And Has Expertise In Medicine, Diabetes Management, And Heart Disease. He Possesses Over 5 Years Of Experience As An Assistant Professor At The National Institute Of Cardiovascular Diseases And Has Also Worked As A Resident Physician At The National Heart Centre In Singapore.



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