Dr. Punit Thawani: A Name You Can Trust In Orthodontic Excellence

Dr. Punit Thawani: A Name You Can Trust In Orthodontic Excellence

Dr. Punit Thawani , Renowned Specialist Orthodontist

Dr. Punit Thawani

Renowned Specialist Orthodontist

In the dynamic field of Orthodontics, where creating beautiful smiles and boosting confidence is paramount, one leader stands out for his dedication and expertise is Dr. Punit Thawani. A Specialist Orthodontist at Precision Dental Clinic. Dr. Punit's journey in Orthodontics was inspired by his own positive experience with orthodontic treatment, which not only transformed his smile but also his confidence. He pursued his professional studies in Dharwad, Karnataka, completing both his Bachelor's and Master's degrees between 1996 and 2005. Dr. Punit honed his skills during four years of work under a mentor in Mumbai before venturing into private practice. His dream was to create a patient-centric approach to dental care, and with unwavering determination and strong family support, he turned that dream into reality. Discover more insights from him below.

Could you please tell us about your professional journey and what motivated you to pursue a career in the dental field within the healthcare sector?

In my case, it's quite the opposite story! Like many adolescents, I needed braces to correct my teeth alignment. However, unlike the majority of teenagers, I found the entire process incredibly fascinating and was genuinely awestruck by the remarkable transformation. This transformation wasn't just limited to the improvement in my smile's appearance but also encompassed a significant boost in my self-confidence. Consequently, I made the decision at that point that this was the path I wanted to pursue, marking the beginning of my interest in Dentistry, specifically in the field of Orthodontics.

As the Specialist Orthodontist, what steps have you taken to guarantee a smooth and enjoyable patient care journey at your clinic?

Our approach revolves around empathizing with the patient's perspective. This entails various initiatives, such as sending timely reminders and offering a warm and welcoming atmosphere at our front office to ensure our patients' comfort. Recognizing that many individuals experience anxiety when visiting the clinic, we've intentionally designed the clinic environment to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety. Our medical professionals are also highly attuned to this concern and consistently go above and beyond to ensure that our patients feel at ease throughout their experience.

How do you promote a culture of ongoing learning within the team?

One of our fundamental values is a commitment to ‘Continuous Improvement’, which means striving to be better today than we were yesterday. We actively support our medical professionals in their pursuit of skill enhancement and readily acknowledge their achievements in this regard. If a doctor adds a new procedure to their skill set, we go the extra mile to incorporate this development into our marketing efforts. This not only informs our patients and the wider public about the expanded services available at the clinic but also aids the doctors in building their patient base.

In addition to our doctors, we also provide regular coaching and training opportunities and we even enlist external trainers to deliver online or in-person instruction to ensure our team remains well-equipped and informed.

How do you assist patients in making informed choices regarding their dental care to achieve their desired outcomes?

Our approach involves establishing a strong rapport with our patients and their families. We've observed that when patients feel at ease with their doctor, they become more open about their preferences and requirements. Once we have a clear understanding of their needs, we educate our patients about the available treatment options, providing them with a comprehensive overview of the advantages and disadvantages.

Furthermore, we've integrated technology into our practice, particularly in cases related to aesthetic dentistry. This allows us to visually demonstrate to patients the potential outcome of their treatment.

One of our fundamental values is a commitment to ‘Continuous Improvement’, which means striving to be better today than we were yesterday

Could you share your leadership approach and the principles or strategies you adhere to as a leader?

As a leader, my primary objective is to offer my team a clear understanding of how they can better serve our patients, consequently benefiting the clinic as a whole. I firmly believe that nobody comes to work with the intention of performing poorly. If someone isn't excelling in their role, it could be because they lack a precise understanding of what it means to excel in that role. A leader's role is to provide this clarity, initially to the entire organization, then to the leadership teams within the organization, and finally to every individual employee. After imparting this clarity, a leader must guide the team and hold them accountable to accomplish their tasks. This is the approach I am striving to implement, and I must admit that it's still a work in progress.

What lies ahead on your future path?

First, on a business level, my goal is to transition the business into one that relies more on systematic processes rather than being heavily reliant on individuals. While people are undoubtedly crucial for running an organization, having a structured framework in place ensures consistent operations throughout the entire organization. This is a major area of focus for us at the moment.

Secondly, and of greater significance, is our commitment to consistently enhance the quality of service we provide to our patients. This entails the addition of more doctors and nurses who specialize in various facets of dentistry, as well as an expansion of our availability to accommodate our patients better. We also plan to invest in cutting-edge technology to make treatments more comfortable and predictable for our patients. In the immediate future, our aim is to reinforce our existing infrastructure and continually elevate the patient experience. Once we have established this foundation, we will begin exploring opportunities for expansion into new locations.

Dr. Punit Thawani, Renowned Specialist Orthodontist, Precision Dental Clinic

Dr. Punit Thawani is a renowned Specialist Orthodontist. Inspired by his own orthodontic journey, he's on a mission to create confident smiles and elevate patient care at Precision Dental Clinic.

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