DR. S. Vikneswaran: A Visionary Redefining Healthcare Management through Adopting Innovative Approach

DR. S. Vikneswaran: A Visionary Redefining Healthcare Management through Adopting Innovative Approach

Dr. Vikneswaran S. , Co-Founder & CEO

Dr. Vikneswaran S.

Co-Founder & CEO

Excellent, comprehensive, and holistic medical care is essential for promoting and maintaining the health and well-being of individuals and communities. It involves a range of healthcare services that address not only the physical aspects of health but also the psychological, social, and environmental factors that influence health outcomes. This includes preventive care to avoid illnesses, curative care to treat existing illnesses, rehabilitative care to restore optimal functioning, and research and development to improve medical knowledge and healthcare services.

By prioritizing these components of care, Dr. S. Vikneswaran, Co-Founded SV Care Medic, to ensure that individuals and communities have access to high-quality and effective healthcare services that meet their needs and promote optimal health outcomes. He is currently responsible for implementing existing plans and policies, improving the company’s financial strength, initiating transformation, and setting future strategies. With a wide range of experience in his career to date, Dr. S. Vikneswaran managed to foster a strong relationship with key multi-sectorial industrial players in Malaysia and regionally. Thus, catalyzing the steady growth of the company.

A former student of Royal Military College Malaysia, Dr. S. Vikneswaran is a Public Health Medicine Specialist with more than 15 years of experience in the healthcare industry. He has served in numerous capacities both as a practicing clinician and health administrator at the state and federal levels. Dr. S. Vikneswaran is highly qualified with expertise in public health including primary healthcare, healthcare management, and research.

Dr. S. Vikneswaran is a former recipient of a Malaysian Federal Government scholarship for doctoral studies at the National University of Malaysia and had the opportunity for brief research attachment at the Murdoch Child Research Institute, The Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne, Australia, where he gained valuable experience in researching child and adolescent health. His current research work is on Bullying Among Malaysian Adolescents, an issue that has gained significant attention in recent years due to its adverse effects on the mental health and well being of young people.

Dr. S. Vikneswaran’s passion for public health extends beyond his professional responsibilities. He has been actively involved in health workshops and NGO-related activities, demonstrating his commitment to improving the health and well-being of the community. As a result, Dr. S. Vikneswaran is a winner of numerous local and international awards for his educational, research, and community effort and has led key committees at the state and national levels. He was the recipient of the Hidayasu Oyama Award 2017 for being the Overall National University of Malaysia Best Student of Doctorate of Public Health, honored by the Malaysian Book of Records for his public-private collaborative effort on Women Cancer Screening, recipient of ‘Best Scientific Paper’ and ‘Best Speaker’ award twice in 2016 and 2017 respectively and also was appointed by a State Government as the Chairman of State Anti-Bullying Committee. Below is an excerpt of Dr. S. Vikneswaran’s exclusive interaction with CEO Insights ASIA magazine.

Can you describe your experience as an entrepreneur so far? What influenced your decision to become an entrepreneur?

In my 15-year journey in the healthcare industry, I experiences across civil service, private sectors, and Non-Governmental Organizations with a specific focus on healthcare particularly primary healthcare & community health. Beginning my career as a junior doctor at Penang General Hospital, I progressed forward holding many positions in the Ministry of Health. However, my sparking desire to continuously strive in healthcare led me to co-found a startup in 2017, which marked the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey. While I was initially focused on academics, public health, and community services, being an entrepreneur allowed me to develop my skills in healthcare management and effectively connecting with people, especially with their healthcare needs.

Describe your leadership approach and what has been your success mantra.

For me, leadership is multifaceted and can be defined and approached in various ways. Personally, I practice a mix of strategic and transformational leadership. I  use my skills and capabilities to the fullest to help my team members achieve their objectives. At the same time, I aim to inspire and motivate them to maintain their standards and follow through with their goals. As a transformational leader, I believe that inspiring others is a crucial component of leadership. And I continuously strive to maintain my standards and inspire others to do the same. Furthermore, I am actively involved in academic writing and scientific paper publications, authoring books, participating in forums, and continuously engaging in communityrelated activities. I believe that being a leader is not just about following a textbook approach. It's about being versatile and adapting to the environment and ecosystem to succeed in achieving organizational goals. Thus, I am committed to improving the organizational function and capabilities by motivating and encouraging team members to move forward.

Define SV Care Medic as an organization and its position in the market.

SV Care Medic is a symbol of excellence in primary healthcare. We prioritize patient safety, quality of treatment and services, affordability, crisis management, rehabilitation, and community enhancement. Our approach to primary healthcare is focused on the societal aspect, aiming to ensure the highest possible level of health for individuals. We believe in early interventions and monitoring to ensure longevity, and we strive to uphold these principles in everything we do. In essence, SV Care Medic is a Primary Health Care Centre of Excellence that is committed to providing holistic healthcare services to our clients.

As the Co-Founder & CEO, what are the factors you look into when developing effective corporate growth strategies?

As a CEO in the healthcare industry, I strongly believe first is having a deep understanding of the healthcare industry and its potential trajectory, including government existing and future policies, societal needs, weaknesses, and challenges. This knowledge enables us to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the game. The second principle is understanding our company's strengths, goals, and potential. By having a clear vision and plan, we can develop new products, diversify our services, and penetrate the market more effectively.

As a CEO, i uphold two principles: a deep understanding of the healthcare industry & actualizing our company's strengths, goals, & potential

These two factors work symbiotically and are essential in developing an effective corporate growth strategy. For example, with a simple understanding of the market and our company's strengths, we can develop new products and services that meet the needs of our target audience. We can also focus our marketing efforts more effectively, ensuring that we reach the right people with the right message.

Tell us about the technological innovations in SV Care Medic and how are they enhancing patient care.

As a leader in the healthcare industry, I recognize the importance of technology and its essential role in the current sector. With clients becoming more informed and technologically advanced, it's crucial for us to keep up with the pace of innovation or risk falling behind. Since founding our startup in 2017, we have made it a priority to incorporate technology into our patient management system and treatment strategies. By doing so, we have eliminated manual approaches and improved patient care, safety, and accessibility.

Additionally, we have understood well and utilized maximally the existing mobile applications and technologies that allow us to bring healthcare services directly to our patient's homes, enhancing their convenience and market penetration. Finally, we have focused on investing in the right technology for rehabilitation, ensuring that our patients have access to the best equipment for their healing journey.

What is the future roadmap you have envisioned for SV Care Medic?

My vision is to create an integrated Primary Health Care Centre of Excellence. A center that will focus on preventive, curative, rehabilitative, research, and development aspects of healthcare. Also, to be at the forefront of primary care practice with a strong evidence-based approach to treatment. By being a center of excellence, we can better prepare ourselves to serve the community with a robust and effective healthcare ecosystem. We are determined to uphold the value of the health and well-being of our clients by keeping them closest to our hearts.

Dr. S. Vikneswaran, Co-Founder & CEO, SV Care Medic

Dr. S. Vikneswaran is a dedicated medical professional committed to public health, healthcare management, and research. He holds a Doctor of Medicine, multiple master's degrees, and a doctoral degree. He has received numerous awards, including the Hidayasu Oyama Award and recognition from the Malaysian Book of Records. Dr. S. Vikneswaran is also an accomplished speaker and researcher, having won awards for his scientific papers and presentations.

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