Dr. ZC Chen: Steering The Path Of Innovation And Dynamic Leadership

Dr. ZC Chen: Steering The Path Of Innovation And Dynamic Leadership

 Dr. ZC Chen,    CEO

Dr. ZC Chen


Taiwanese CEOs are recognized for their global business acumen, and Dr. ZC Chen embodies this reputation with a career marked by adaptability and strategic leadership. From roles in Germany to business development in Taiwan, Dr. Chen's journey reflects a commitment to navigating diverse markets. Since assuming the role of Chairman and CEO at BenQ Materials in 2013, he has propelled the company forward, emphasizing innovation and market responsiveness.

Dr. Chen's leadership style encapsulates the dynamic and forward-thinking approach characteristic of Taiwanese business leaders, contributing significantly to BenQ Materials' growth and success in the ever-evolving global business landscape. His tenure underscores the resilience and strategic vision required to navigate the complexities of today's dynamic markets.

In an in-depth conversation with CEO Insights Asia Magazine, Dr. Chen shares with us his professional milestones, leadership guidelines and much more. Let’s hear it from him.

Could you provide an overview of BenQ Materials as an organization and discuss its current standing in the market?

Joining BenQ Materials in 2013 marked a transformative journey for me. Recognizing our roots in storage and data, I advocated for a paradigm shift, steering the company towards its core strength becoming a pure high-end material company. Despite a significant reliance on storage and data for revenue in the late '90s, I believed in redefining our identity. We strategically delved into the medical sector, introducing cutting-edge materials like silicone hydrogel for contact lenses. Our foray into wound care materials further showcased our commitment to excellence.

Today, BenQ Materials stands as a beacon in the industry, not just for revenue but for pioneering high-end materials that make a meaningful impact in healthcare and beyond. The journey has been challenging, yet immensely rewarding as we continue to thrive and set new benchmarks in the market.

Please share insights into BenQ Materials' key products and offerings. Additionally, what value does your organization aim to bring to customers through its solutions?

At BenQ Materials, our commitment to being a high-end provider in the material sector extends from raw material design to end product perfection. Take our silicone hydrogel for contact lenses as an example, we meticulously craft and modify the polymer structure, ensuring optimal comfort for the end consumer. This hands-on approach, from synthesis to manufacturing, allows us to fine tune our materials based on real-world feedback, putting the customer's comfort at the forefront. Beyond contact lenses, our involvement in skin care exemplifies our solution-oriented mindset, offering advanced materials for effective acne care and BioHydro solution.

We are not just a materials provider, we are partners in enhancing experiences, whether it's in biomedical, skincare, vision care, or performance textiles. Our goal is to deliver high-value solutions, personalized and perfected, making a tangible difference in the lives of our customers.

We're on a journey driven by innovation, environmental responsibility, and the sincere belief that our materials can shape a sustainable future for all


Could you share some key professional milestones you've achieved throughout your career journey?

Certainly! The thrill of earning a Ph.D. in Materials Science from École Poly technique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland was a defining moment, representing years of dedication and curiosity. While at Philips Germany, working on ceramic actuators, each discovery felt like a puzzle piece falling into place. Founding a business in 1997 within the BenQ Group was a leap of faith, an entrepreneurial endeavor fueled by passion for multi-layer ceramic capacitors. Today, as Chairman and CEO at BenQ Materials, I draw upon these experiences, infusing a human touch into the world of high-end material innovation.

Could you elaborate on your leadership approach? What principles or methodologies do you prioritize as a leader within BenQ Materials?

In my leadership role at BenQ Materials, my approach centers on two core principles which are customer-centric evolution and fostering personal growth. Firstly, I prioritize staying attuned to market dynamics, utilizing third-party feedback and end customer insights to guide the organization. We adapt and move in sync with customer needs, ensuring a dynamic and responsive strategy. Secondly, I am deeply committed to nurturing our staff. I recognize the uniqueness of everyone and strive to create an empathetic work environment that accommodates diverse personalities and needs. Helping our team members grow both professionally and personally is a cornerstone of my leadership philosophy.  

What is the long-term vision or future direction that BenQ Materials is striving to achieve?

Our long-term vision revolves around expanding our presence in the medical sector and other high-value product domains. Recognizing the industry's pivotal shift towards ecological sustainability and zero carbon, we embrace the challenge of fundamentally changing materials to align with this transition. Beyond healthcare, our ventures into areas like lithium battery separators and textiles reflect our belief that a material company can be a catalyst for positive change in diverse sectors.

Dr. ZC Chen, CEO, BenQ Materials

With over two decades of expertise in materials science, electronic components, and new business development, Dr. ZC Chen stands as the Chairman of BenQ Materials, a role he assumed in October 2013. Beginning his journey in chemical engineering, he later specialized in ceramic materials, earning his Ph.D. from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. Before leading BenQ Materials, Dr. Chen served as the Executive Vice President of Darfon Electronics Corp and as Research Scientist and Product Development Manager at Philips in Germany and Taiwan. Dr. Chen's scientific contributions in piezoelectric and dielectric ceramics are evident through published papers and patents.

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