Edison Tsai: Catalyzing Success & Shaping Futures Through Visionary Leadership & Strategic Acumen

Edison Tsai: Catalyzing Success & Shaping Futures Through Visionary Leadership & Strategic Acumen

Edison Tsai , Founder & President

Edison Tsai

Founder & President

In today's dynamic business landscape, a robust and efficient business financing platform is crucial to meet the demands and challenges faced by enterprises. Such a platform acts as a catalyst for growth, providing access to much-needed capital and financial resources. However, navigating the complex world of business financing requires a competent leader at the helm.

With a rich background spanning more than 20 years, Edison Tsai brings a wealth of expertise in the development, management, and consultation of information management and holds a Master of Science degree in Information Technology from De La Salle University. Edison's academic foundation further strengthens his knowledge and proficiency in the field. As the President of Seedin Technology and Unit 256 Ventures, Edison spearheads initiatives to revolutionize the financial and digital landscape.

Engaging in an idiosyncratic interaction with CEO Insights Asia, Edison shares the imperious details of his journey as one of the influencing entrepreneurs in the Philippines. Let’s hear it from him.

What are some of the major milestones that you have achieved in your journey so far?

I embarked on my professional journey as a developer, leveraging my information technology background, and at the age of 17, joined a software company where I developed systems for local and international businesses. After graduating, I entered the BPO industry and simultaneously pursued a Master of Science in Information Technology at De La Salle University. Following my studies, I founded Sigmasoft Technologies, an IT firm that offers enterprise-level business software solutions. Subsequently, I served as the Chief IT Consultant for the Department of Trade and Industry, implementing key IT projects involving business registrations and entities such as the SEC, CDA, BIR, DICT, social agencies, and various LGUs. During this period, I founded Seedin Technology and Unit 256 Ventures, as well as served on the Board of EXPRESSPAY, one of the leaders in Payment Services franchising in the country. Additionally, I am honored to serve as the Partnership Chair for FINTECH ALLIANCE, the country's largest FinTech organization representing over 100 corporate members and 95 percent of all FinTech transactions in the country.

Embrace your potential to make a difference, for even the smallest actions have the power to create a lasting impact in this world

Seedin Technology was founded around six years ago. What was the inspiration behind launching the venture? How has been the growth trajectory so far?

Since its inception in Singapore and expansion to four countries, including the Philippines in 2017, Seedin Technology’s core mission has been promoting financial inclusivity for SMEs seeking financing, while also offering investors an alternative channel for higher-yield investments compared to traditional savings or time deposits. Seedin Technology’s focus lies in democratizing the financing process, which has historically been centralized with banks and lending institutions. By empowering investors to choose projects, investment amounts, and recipients, Seedin Technology returns control to the people, enabling them to support the businesses they believe in. Simultaneously, it provides an alternative capital-raising avenue for underserved or neglected small enterprises that often struggle to secure funding from traditional banks.

Tell us about your investment strategies. How does Seedin Technology help its customers make the right investment decisions?

As a platform, we prioritize empowering investors to make informed decisions rather than imposing choices upon them. We adhere to SEC regulatory requirements by providing pertinent information about the companies involved, including their business background and legitimacy. Our platform serves as a research hub, presenting all necessary information clearly and conveniently through our digital and mobile apps. Clients have visibility into the companies they invest in, including repayment schedules and risk assessments. By streamlining due diligence, we enable investors to allocate just 10 percent of their efforts in making the final decision, ensuring they can make sound and well-informed choices through our platform.

What are your thoughts on the current startup ecosystem in the Philippines and what are the opportunities that you foresee?

The startup ecosystem in the Philippines is captivating and promising. With a young population and a high number of adults, the country is positioned to excel among ASEAN members. The Philippines has a strong domestic market and favorable access to foreign markets. However, it still lags behind neighboring countries like Singapore and efforts are needed in financing, which is where Seedin Technology’s role becomes significant. Startups often struggle to secure financing due to a lack of recognition and credit scores from banks. By establishing a conducive ecosystem, and providing financing assistance, mentorship, guidance, and incubation programs, the country can nurture successful entrepreneurs who pave the wave for the country's future.

What advice would you give to aspiring CEOs based on your leadership experience in the industry?

My foremost advice to fellow CEOs is to discover the purpose for yourself, your company, and your teams. Without purpose, work and business become mundane, reducing them to mere profit machines. Purpose empowers us even during the darkest days. Secondly, build the right team to execute your vision. Purpose attracts the right people. Remember, execution is the key to a successful strategy, and a strong team is vital to making it happen. Remove those hindering productivity or misaligned with the vision. Lastly, learn to delegate, communicate, and foster accountability as these are key to success.

Edison Tsai, Founder & President, Seedin Technology

Edison Tsai is a visionary entrepreneur driven by his passion for making a significant social and economic impact. Recognizing the innate human desire to be remembered for something meaningful, he is committed to leaving a lasting legacy through his work. As the driving force behind Seeding Technology, Edison is revolutionizing the SME lending and investing landscape, empowering small businesses to not only survive but thrive in today's fiercely competitive economy.

Favorite Cuisine: Taiwanese, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Indian, Filipino

Favorite Book: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Richest Man in Babylon

Favorite Travel Destination: Taiwan, Philippines, Japan, Italy, Thailand, France

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