Emi E. Schemmer: Empowering Your Skin's Journey To Radiance & Beyond

Emi E. Schemmer: Empowering Your Skin's Journey To Radiance & Beyond

Emi E. Schemmer, Founder

Emi E. Schemmer


In a world where self-care meets entrepreneurship, a fearless trailblazer emerges, captivating the beauty realm with her innovative spirit. Meet Emi E. Schemmer a visionary in the realm of skincare products, igniting a revolution in the industry through her brand MOSAIK. Emi embarked on the MOSAIK venture driven by an enduring conviction that the skincare industry lacked a crucial element.

Her aspiration was to establish a brand that embodied her deeply cherished principles - eradicating the notions of antiaging, skin whitening, and the illusory concept of flawlessness. She sought to devise an all-encompassing skincare regimen that would cater to diverse skin types, hues, and ages while emphasizing genuine efficacy. Emi's ethos breathes life into each MOSAIK product, infusing it with the essence of her values. Her commitment to inclusivity and effectiveness acts as a guiding beacon, propelling her brand towards a future where skincare isn't just about appearance, but also about self-empowerment and the celebration of genuine beauty.

Engaging in an idiosyncratic interaction with CEO Insights Asia, Emi shares the imperious details of her journey, her leadership approach and her vision for MOSAIK. Let’s hear it from her.

Can you provide a brief summary of your professional journey?

At MOSAIK, all our products are formulated and manufactured in Japan, and this choice is driven by two key factors. Firstly, drawing inspiration from the ritualistic nature of Japanese culture acts as a fundamental grounding for MOSAIK in an era marked by rapid technological advancements. Secondly, the rigorous and meticulous protocols followed during the production process leave no room for harmful substances, making the country's quality control measures among the best in the world. Creating a skincare line that is clinically effective and dermatologically safe, yet natural, vegan, and suitable for pregnant women, was of utmost importance to me. Our skincare products are designed for both men and women, embracing an ageless approach that caters to everyone. We believe in inclusivity and cater to all spectrums of skin, ensuring that our products are suitable for diverse individuals.

MOSAIK has been and continues to be a collaboration, of artists and professionals both male and female, to create but building a strong female team within my organization has been essential, as I aim to inspire and serve as a role model for other women aspiring to become entrepreneurs or advance in their careers, not only in Japan but worldwide. Having my daughter, who is now a toddler, accompany me on this journey is crucial as it allows me to demonstrate that it is possible to have a successful professional life while maintaining a balanced family life.

Could you tell us about the unique experiences Mahidol University Thailand offers and what did you learn from the campus beyond academics?

Mahidol University in Thailand provided me with one of the most enriching experiences during my university career. It was a spontaneous decision to attend this university, and I found myself living on campus, which was a unique experience as there was a building catering to teachers and guest professors. I forged connections with colleagues and students who I still maintain friendships with to this day. Regardless of our diverse backgrounds, we all found common interests to connect over. The exceptional education at Mahidol University was enhanced by the remarkable professors, most of whom were international and highly engaging. However, what truly made my experience unforgettable was the bond I formed with local Thai students. They embraced me into their vibrant Thai lifestyle, sharing their country's culture and traditions. I have nothing but admiration for Mahidol University, as it provided an incredible and formative chapter in my life.

MOSAIK redefines the world of skincare, presenting itself as a holistic experience that intertwines every aspect of our lifestyle as a reminder to honor & appreciate our innate beauty

Tell us about your leadership approach. What are the guidelines or methodologies you follow as a leader?

While discussing oneself can be challenging, I believe that empathy holds great importance. Throughout my experiences collaborating and working in various locations such as Shanghai, Hong Kong, Japan, Canada, and presently in Europe, I have always been a people person. Connecting and relating to individuals from all walks of life, whether they are high-level entrepreneurs, business professionals, or individuals involved in construction or retail, has been a core aspect of my interactions. Genuine understanding and active listening form the foundation of effective problemsolving. Often, leaders and upper management positions fail to truly listen or remain open-minded to the desires and concerns of others. Consequently, I strive to give my best effort in listening attentively and empathizing with others, comprehending their challenges and exploring the best solutions together. Embracing creativity and an open mindset facilitates collaboration and the exchange of ideas, which I find deeply rewarding in my work.

What is the future destination you are heading towards?

As an entrepreneur, my goals for MOSAIK extend globally. I aspire to expand my business by establishing collaborations with other brands and companies in the health and wellness sector. I envision my product line expanding to include supplements, focusing on improving skin health from both the inside and outside. Additionally, I believe that wellness and personal care can encompass household items like towels, offering a holistic approach. Education plays a significant role in my corporation, creating a meaningful and inspirational full circle of knowledge exchange and mutual growth.

In the light of your strong experience within the industry, what advice would you give to the budding industry leaders?

Embarking on a journey of product development, particularly in the medical or derma suitable industry, requires patience and adaptability. Initially, the expectation may be to complete the venture within a year or two, but reality often differs. Throughout the process of creating and launching a brand, numerous changes occur. Regulations, such as those governed by cosmetic pharmaceutical laws in specific countries like Japan, can evolve, affecting the rules and guidelines for packaging and claims. Flexibility and patience are essential attributes in such scenarios.

However, the foremost advice is to possess unwavering passion for the endeavor. Regular introspection about the purpose and goals behind the business is crucial. Creating a product solely for monetary gain is not advisable, instead, setting intentions, values, and purposes as a brand should take precedence, ensuring a meaningful pursuit.

Emi E. Schemmer, Founder, Mosaik

With a career that started in the realms of fashion and advertising, Emi E. Schemmer embarked on a transformative journey to merge her artistic talents with her passion for health. Emi's entrepreneurial spirit, meticulous trailblazing, and deep empathy shape the essence of the MOSAIK brand. With a genuine understanding of individuals' needs, she passionately seeks to provide tailored solutions. Emi's unwavering values serve as the compass guiding the business direction, prioritizing inclusivity, authenticity, and empowering individuals to embrace their unique beauty journeys.

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