Franz Allan See: Empowering Innovation In Insuretech

Franz Allan See: Empowering Innovation In Insuretech

Franz Allan See , CTO

Franz Allan See


In the rapidly evolving landscape of Insuretech, the drive to harness innovation and reimagine traditional insurance practices is more critical than ever. Insuretech, a convergence of insurance and technology, is reshaping the industry by using cutting-edge technologies to enhance efficiency, customer experience, and risk management. An individual making an impact on this movement is Franz Allan See, a seasoned technologist and visionary leader.

With a wealth of experience spanning almost two decades, Franz has carved a path characterized by innovation and transformative change within the Insuretech sector. His insights and expertise in technology have been instrumental in reshaping how insurance operates, enabling more streamlined underwriting processes, accelerating response times, and revolutionizing how brokers connect with clients and insurance providers. Through his dynamic contributions, Franz is driving the empowerment of innovation within the Insuretech sector, setting the stage for a future where technology and insurance seamlessly converge to benefit both businesses and consumers alike.

Give a brief account about your professional journey and what motivates your daily routines?

In 2004, while in my second year of college, I started dabbling into freelancing. Then in 2006, I entered my professional journey as a junior software engineer for a startup. After five years, I was offered my first management position in another company. Three years after that, I got my first VP of Engineering position (from a different company but same CEO). I managed three outsourcing companies and eventually built an in-house engineering team. After 18 months, I transitioned the entire team in-house and took on the role of CTO. However, the demands of the executive level took a toll on me, and I faced burnout. I shifted to remote work as an individual contributor in software development, and was approached to become a CTO for a different company. I repeated my success in transitioning outsourcing work in-house and building  engineering teams but parted ways after six months due to a mismatch in expectations.

I returned to remote work, took on roles as an architect and manager, and eventually became a CTO at Covertech, an Australian company. The company had no outsourcing team to manage, and my current focus is on establishing a dedicated engineering team to advance the company's goals. My motivation for daily routines is a mix of curiosity, adaptability, and a desire to learn and grow in various roles within the software industry.

Tell me about your role as CTO at Covertech & its impact on the company's success.

I joined Covertech recently, on July 15th, as the CTO. The CEO comes from an insurance broker background and has several insurance brokerage companies. He initially was overseeing the team and is now entrusting its management to me. My role involves stabilizing the software, ensuring scalability, and forming a team. I'm currently in the process of building this team according to the CEO's ambitious timeline. My tasks encompass coding, overseeing the development process, conducting alpha and embedded testing, and working towards the goal of achieving profitability.

What are the major challenges you've encountered in your tech career and how did you overcome them?

Throughout my tech career, I faced several challenges, including transitioning from a software development background to managing teams, balancing product and sales teams, and dealing with uncertainty. As a CTO, I faced numerous responsibilities, the feeling of being on my own and the uncertainty of success created ambiguity. To overcome these challenges, I found solace in joining communities, such as the local eHeads network in the Philippines. This network consists of CTOs, VP of Engineering, and engineering managers, and it provided valuable support and experiences for sharing experiences, exchanging insights, and supporting one another. This network proved invaluable in navigating these challenges and achieving growth and improvement.

My motivation for daily routines is a mix of curiosity, adaptability, & a desire to learn & grow in various roles

Now, I endeavor to assist those who are at the initial stages of their journey. I guide newcomers on how to approach various aspects. While technologists are often comfortable with computers, stepping into the realm of interacting with people shifts the focus. It's no longer just about the computer; it's about understanding the market, theories, politics, and navigating a different landscape entirely. It's quite challenging because you're navigating uncharted territory and uncertainty.

How would you define Covertech as an organization & its current position in the market?

Covertech operates within the Insuretech space, with a particular focus on serving insurance brokers. Rather than targeting individual consumers, our platform is designed to empower brokers by offering a comprehensive toolset to connect with various insurance companies. This facilitates streamlined underwriting processes and accelerates response times. Our goal is to enable brokers to swiftly provide insurance solutions to clients, transforming the traditional 24-hour waiting period into a mere three to five minutes. The platform's significant potential lies in revolutionizing the insurance brokerage industry. Amidst this transformative landscape, Covertech has emerged as a groundbreaking Insurtech entity, leveraging technological advancements and online systems to redefine how insurance brokers operate and cater to their clients.

What is the future destination you are heading towards?

Currently, my primary focus is on Covertech. The path ahead is filled with substantial tasks and a desire to establish a strong foothold in a sizable market. This goal will keep us fully engaged for the upcoming year, especially considering I have recently joined the company. My immediate aim is centered on this objective.

However, looking beyond the immediate term, as we achieve success in our initial aspirations, the horizon will likely broaden. While our attention remains firmly on building and nurturing the team necessary to drive Covertech forward, the next phase will involve expanding our reach and influence within the industry. The growth of the company goes hand in hand with growing and cultivating the skills of the people who will be the future leaders of Covertech.

Franz Allan See, Chief Technology Officer, Covertech

Franz Allan See is an accomplished technologist and visionary leader with almost two decades of experience in the tech industry. His contributions have reshaped the Insuretech landscape, driving efficiency, enhancing customer experiences, and fostering transformative change.

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