Gary Chua: An Experienced Mentor Driving The Real Estate Industry Leadership

Gary Chua: An Experienced Mentor Driving The Real Estate Industry Leadership

Gary Chua , Co-Founder

Gary Chua


As businesses and organizations continue to evolve in Singapore alike other geographies with increasing globalization, industry growth seems highly promising too. Especially real estate being the crux of any development observes a significant drive today. As per Mordor Intelligence reports, the Singapore residential real estate market accounts for $43.71 billion in 2023. Looking forward, it will be worth $60.09 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 6.57 percent during the forecast period (2023-2028). The real estate market is largely driven by affordable housing projects in the country, followed by the demand for logistics and industrial real estate. There are many recognized leaders in the space fostering the development of this industry in the region largely. Having been a critical part of the real estate industry, Gary Chua, Co-Founder of Navis, who is also working for one of Singapore’s leading real estate agency, Huttons Asia, affirms his staunch leadership.

Navis having a strength of 1400 agents, is one the fastest growing group in this competitive industry. Today, where many leaders are re-imagining their leadership in the space to contribute largely, Gary has been a mentor to many real estate salespeople and team builders, for over 20 years now. However, Gary himself was a salesperson person first, before becoming a full-time coach to grooming the realtors. He first ventured into the industry at age 30 in 2000, and having been recognized amidst the ‘Top 50 Achievers’ in his five years of sales, he truly understand the hurdles and challenges faced by a newbie and an experienced agent, both in real estate. Today, equipped with a wealth of knowledge, he is aiding and teaching the property agents through his group Navis. Let’s get to know more of him!

Give a brief account of your professional journey and what inspired you to establish Navis?

Well, my career journey begins with Sales in the real estate space. I first stepped into the industry at age 30 in Year 2000 and owning the ‘Top 50 Achievers’ award for consecutive five years in sales. Later it was in 2005, I realized that I extensively understand this field and that my true calling was to groom and coach the next generation of real estate professionals. Over the years, I have mentored numerous top producers and achievers in the real estate industry. Some of them have even clocked in more than S$1,000,000 in commission in a single year. The expedition is enthralling and I will be continuing building up Navis brand and developing future talents within the real estate industry.

Delineate your investment philosophy.

I make money working hard via investing in property and stocks. As I am in property industry, I am able to spot undervalued properties and sell at a good price later. I also buy quality stocks that have high growth rate, a wide moat and at prices when they are below their intrinsic value.

As the Co-Founder, what are the factors you look into to helping clients evolve and expand their horizon?

The real estate business is primarily about people and relationships, and understanding this is crucial. However, in real estate having the willingness to learn is the most important trait. We at Navis first focus on the individual, and to groom them, the environment we have built here encourages us grow together and nurture each other, developing character and heartskills.

Tell us about the building of your team. How do you foster a learning culture in your team? Share with us some of the innovative coaching and training systems you have developed to help bring out the potential of your team.

At Navis, we believe in fostering a culture that’s enriching to all, hence I am dedicated towards building a close-knitted team where everyone would help each other and a friendly competition is promoted. Here, each one of us are driven and motivated go-getters. At Navis, together, we are a company of good-hearted people. I believe in every agent there’s unique capability just like stones that can be polished over time so that their best qualities show and shun the world. We hold high expectations of every individual who joins Navis, because we are committed to the success of each and every agent here and also to realise their full potential. Our agent’s success story is our foremost goal. Navis is the most dynamic platform for mentoring & training the realtors. What separatesNavis are the leaders and agents. Wisdom and great ideas come from having perspectives from different angles and through different lens, and Navis welcomes diversity. I believe that with the right strategy, technique, anyone can be coached to succeed in the real estate sector. Hence, to equip our agents with indispensable industry knowledge, we have an array of training programmes lined up throughout the year which one can access any where and anytime. Some of those prolific programs BRAVE (A Life Transformation Programme), Advisory Sales Masterclass (Transforming Real Estate Agents Into Confident Advisers), Navis Wings (Our Training Masterplan For Unlocking Your Fullest Potential), Property Wealth Planning (A Road Map To Systematic Wealth Building Through Property Investments), Link Up (The No. 1 Mobile App For Real Estate Agents), and Huttons Analyzer (Win Customers’ Trust Through Advance Real Time Datalytics). Groomed through these programs, the agents are equally toughened and prepared for this intensely competitive and unpredictable industry. Most importantly, our coaching leaves a positive impact on our valued clients and they are rewarded with extraordinary sales figures and career longevity.

How has been your coaching experience all along these years? Also, what are the best industry practices and concepts you mentor property agents whom you have taken under your wings?

Yes, I really enjoy coaching the individuals and aspirants in my field (real estate). Also, I feel the experience is rewarding as I am able to make impact in several individual’s lives and career. As a real estate agent leader, I have to mentor my property agents many good industry practices and innovative concepts. Some of them are client-centric approach (understanding their unique requirements and providing tailored solutions); building longlasting relationships with clients (as referrals and repeat business are essential for success); creating a strong personal brand and marketing strategies (including online presence, social media, and traditional marketing methods); staying updated on local and national real estate trends, pricing, and regulations; ensuring financial literacy (real estate transactions, including investment opportunities) of agents; encouraging networking by establishing a robust network of contacts, including other agents, industry professionals, and potential clients); emphasizing on adhere to a strict code of ethics, integrity in all dealings uphold industry standards; signifying technology adoption for efficient operations and enhanced customer experiences; encouraging agents to pursue ongoing education and certifications to stay competitive and provide the best service to clients; prioritize time management for increased productivity and work-life balance; fostering adaptability to changing market conditions and unexpected challenges and develop problem-solving skills; and last the most important- promoting a collaborative team culture, where agents support each other's success and share insights and best practices. By mentoring my property agents in these practices and concepts, we aim to empower them to excel in the real estate industry and provide exceptional service to their clients.

What has been your success mantra that constantly helps you arrive at positive outcomes in your journey so far?

I would not refrain myself from mentioning that the satisfaction of having made a meaningful impact of other’s lives & career is priceless. It is what that drives me every single day and I am motivated enough to carry it on further.

What is the future destination you are headed towards?

Owing to the evolution of businesses and industries as the real estate industry observes demands we want to work towards strengthening the industry building more & more leaders by mentoring them and making them industry ready.

What is your anticipation about the future outlook of the market? Based on your vast professional experience within the industry, what would be your advice for budding industry leaders while accessing new opportunities?

Singapore's real estate market is soaring high at present. Hence, developments in the space seem promising given the evolving demands. Especially, Singapore's residential property market is reasonably boosting it.

My advice to the bussing industry leaders is, explore the horizons across the sector, and do not limit yourself to anything if you are really passionate about real estate.

Gary Chua, Co-Founder, Navis

Hobbies: Golf, Reading, Hiking, Gym

Favorite Cuisine: My Wife’s Cooking.

Favorite Book: ‘Pour Your Heart Into It’ by Howard Schultz, & ‘The Singapore Story: Memoirs of Lee Kuan Yew’

Favorite Travel Destination: New Zealand (as I can drive the campervan visiting different parts of the country)

Awards & Recognition: Top 3 Rookie 2001, Top 50 Sales (2001, 2002, 2003, 2004), Top New Manager (2005), Top Asia Pacific Broker (2009, 2011), Top Recruiter (2017, 2021)

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