Gunarani Ganasagaran: Championing as a Visionary in Sustainable Supply Chains and Human Rights

Gunarani Ganasagaran: Championing as a Visionary in Sustainable Supply Chains and Human Rights

Gunarani Ganasagaran, Director

Gunarani Ganasagaran


An effective leader plays a pivotal role in driving organizational strategies towards sustainability and ethical practices. In the role of Director of Sustainable Supply Chain & Human Rights Management, they are responsible for developing and implementing policies and initiatives that promote sustainable practices throughout the supply chain while ensuring human rights are respected and upheld. Gunarani Ganasagaran exemplifies these qualities as the Director of Sustainable Supply Chain & Human Rights Management at LRQA. With a background in chemical engineering and a career journey that spans across various continents and roles, Gunarani brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her current position.

Graduating from the University of Malaya with a Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering in 2009, Gunarani embarked on a journey that led her through roles in chemical engineering and internal audit. However, it was her discovery of a passion for sustainability consultancy during her tenure at KPMG Malaysia in 2015 that reshaped her career trajectory. Since then, Gunarani has dedicated herself to advancing sustainability practices, specializing in ESG strategy, climate change, sustainable finance, and sustainable supply chain management. Her experience in senior roles at KPMG in South Africa and Ireland has equipped her with a global perspective on sustainability challenges and solutions. Let’s hear more from her.

Can you elaborate on the distinctive opportunities provided by the University of Malaya and the lessons you gained beyond your academic studies?

The University of Malaya has been instrumental in shaping me into a versatile individual, imparting invaluable lessons in adaptability and fostering my critical thinking abilities. Through its engineering program, which combines theoretical learning with hands-on experiences, the university has provided me with a platform to engage in real-world scenarios. Collaborating with exceptional peers on projects has fueled a healthy spirit of competition, driving me to excel. I am indebted to my former lecturers and professors for instilling these principles in me early on, equipping me for the professional realm. These foundational qualities have not only influenced my personal growth but have also empowered me with the confidence to navigate diverse environments and collaborate with top talents, esteemed organizations, and clients across various nations.

How would you characterize LRQA and your involvement with the organization, both in terms of its standing within the market and your personal experience?

LRQA occupies a prominent position in the market, serving as a trusted ally for businesses seeking to elevate their operational efficiency and credibility through certification, independent assurance, ESG consultation, and cybersecurity risk management. Our team at LRQA is renowned for its expertise, supportiveness, and unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional service to our clients. We embrace a collaborative approach, offering comprehensive, future-oriented solutions across these vital areas. Having had the privilege of firsthand experience, I've witnessed the tangible benefits that LRQA brings to organizations across diverse industries. I'm genuinely excited to have contributed to such a dynamic and innovative organization.

Can you share insights into your leadership philosophy and the principles you adhere to as a leader?

At the core of my leadership approach lies a deep appreciation for the unique strengths and qualities of each individual within my team. I firmly believe in the value of diversity and inclusivity, recognizing that everyone has something valuable to offer, and that collective success is achievable through fostering a culture of fairness, inclusivity, and empowerment. Leading by example is paramount to me—I strive to embody the behaviors and work ethic that I expect from my team members.

Empowerment is a central tenet of my leadership style. I prioritize giving team members the autonomy to take ownership of their roles and make decisions within their purview. I firmly believe that this sense of ownership fosters both personal and collective growth within the team.

Adaptability is another cornerstone of my leadership approach. In an ever-evolving landscape, the ability to pivot and adjust strategies and approaches is crucial to remaining competitive and achieving our objectives. As circumstances and environments shift, I advocate for flexibility and a willingness to embrace change.

How do you stay informed about current industry trends to guide your organization towards future success?

Remaining active in ESG-focused networks, coalitions, webinars, and initiatives provides invaluable access to the latest research, resources, and opportunities for collaboration with like-minded organizations. Engaging in discussions and knowledge-sharing within these communities enhances learning and ensures alignment with industry advancements. Networking with clients, experts, and peers through these channels exposes one to diverse perspectives and critical priorities.

Personally, I find that leveraging technological tools and data analytics platforms, such as EiQ, the World’s First End-To-End Supply Chain Due Diligence Platform, is beneficial for monitoring ESG performance metrics across various sectors. This facilitates meaningful conversations on ESG with clients and other stakeholders, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning.

What lies ahead as your future destination?

My ongoing aim is to further contribute to LRQA's success and foster a thriving workplace culture. Continuously making a positive difference in both the business and its personnel remains a top priority, particularly in critical realms such as human rights and sustainable supply chain management. As the economy expands and emphasis on green growth intensifies, I will advocate for the prioritization of sound human rights practices alongside environmental sustainability. I am steadfast in my commitment to driving constructive change and establishing benchmarks for excellence in these pivotal domains, aspiring to serve as an inspiring role model for emerging young leaders. Boldly forging ahead, I am prepared to lead by example.

Gunarani Ganasagaran, Director At LRQA

Gunarani Ganasagaran, Director at LRQA, champions sustainable supply chains and human rights. With a background in chemical engineering, she navigates global sustainability landscapes, leading with expertise gained from roles at KPMG across continents. Committed to positive change, she exemplifies leadership in driving ethical practices and environmental stewardship.

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