Huileng Yap: A Leader Boosting The Building Materials Industry

Huileng Yap: A Leader Boosting The Building Materials Industry

HuiLeng Yap,    Executive Director

HuiLeng Yap

Executive Director

No matter how consistently or frequently changes happen across industries & businesses, there are these three essential qualities of leadership  integrity, insight, and inclusiveness that will always be required for a leader to lead successfully. And, HuiLeng Yap, Executive Director of WENG MENG-a leading player in the manufacture, sales & marketing and distribution of wooden doors, holds these and goes by them. Her professional journey is pretty rewarding and exemplary for many to follow.

Recently, we had an exciting opportunity to interview her and get acquainted with her and her accomplishing professional endeavors.

Give a brief account of your professional journey.
My professional journey began soon after graduation with a Bachelor of Business Systems from the  Monash University of Melbourne, Australia back at the end of 1995. Upon my return, I joined my family business as the first sibling and first university graduate in the company. My first five years were spent in knowledge acquisition alongside regular work partaking in ISO Quality Management System, Sales and Marketing, Leadership, 5S House Keeping, Problem-Solving Tools, Lean Manufacturing Programs, Incoterm and International Business, Internal Quality Audit and Lead Accessor Program for ISO Quality Management System, just to name a few. Entering as a Business Development Executive and transcending to being the Director (2001) and Executive Director (since 2017) where I now have, has naturally been an enriching experience; staying committed to helping our company business expand through forms and across regions.

My accomplishment can be measured through the company's revolutionizing growth on how we've gone from being completely domestic-premised in 1995 to an 80 percent exports-fuelled One Stop Wooden Door Solutions Provider for project & distribution segment market today. As my tenure comes close to almost 28 years, I feel fortunate that my directorship has produced such growth for WENG MENG, and am inspired to reach new heights.

In business development, there are a vast array of factors that influence the cadence of growth

Could you describe your leadership approach and what has been your success mantra so far?
Across the decades of executive directorship, I've come to distill one crucial fact of success, that 'danger has no meaning in the face of intuition'. For me, listening to my gut has been the driving force of my business accomplishments. In opening project markets around the globe like in the Middle East, India, Sri Lanka, and Singapore, I capitalized on the transformations that developing countries are undergoing and here, believing in myself was the deciding factor in pursuing such export led growth.

Naturally, such leadership begins with one's self. From exporting to Beijing in the mid-90s to venturing into the Middle East, Vietnam, Singapore, Bangladesh, and India, to architecting our own joint-venture operation in Singapore last April, my leadership approach has always been to lead by example  to demonstrate ability, forward mindedness, and industry-specific knowledge befitting of a capable leader, while the risk is constant.

Define Weng Meng as an organization and its position in the market.
Established in 1979, aging around 44, WENG MENG is an organization built from a traditional China based family-owned business that dares to dream big, and boldly adventure towards greater heights. Today, WENG MENG is an internationally recognized corporation, though family-involved. We are proud to champion a meritocratic internal structure.

With nine entities under the WENG MENG Group, we've diversified from only manufacturing of wooden doors and cable reels to sales and marketing entities then to venture in property management, wooden door B2C retailing, and most recently WENG MENG GreenTech, focusing on the manufacturing and sales & marketing of Oil Palm Trunk core and its by-products with brand named LC+. We have been evidencing our position as a global market leader, and not forgetting to exercise our commitment toward ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Domestically, WENG MENG Industries certainly transcends its competitors; internationally, we are recognized for our brand's quality in the name of Sandor and are active in the export business.

What are the factors you look into when developing effective strategies for business growth?
In business development, there is a vast array of factors that influence the cadence of growth. Amongst these, I prioritize these two. Firstly, the current market demand, premised upon incomes, confidence, and projected growth. And secondly, the commitment and viability of business partners in terms of a common business vision and strategies.

How do you encourage your team to draw valuable insights from the market and WENG MENG grow along with trends?
Behind the scenes, I spearhead my team's distillation of market insights in two manners. One, I advise them to focus on the specificity of markets  to be precise in budget allocation, contruction database and constantly revalue and collect data. Secondly, and more crucially, I emphasize the importance of direct communication. This has extreme pragmatic value where our distribution segment of the business is strengthened by architecting pricing strategies by eliminating a middle person, thereby enabling WENG MENG to pursue our best interests.

How do you plan to help the company invest its time in moving forward? Also, where do you see yourself headed in the upcoming years?
With the successful inception of a joint venture in Singapore where WENG MENG plays a major shareholder role, I now have started to plan and venture into other key markets where we've built project references. To achieve a greater foreign presence where my current initiatives are directed towards. Primarily, I hope to augment efficiency in communication and hope to do so by approaching a partner in targeted markets such as the UK, Middle East, and India with whom WENG MENG has compelling synergy.

I foresee myself, working towards strategic expansion in international markets. As one of the family members, it's our vision to continue expanding the WENG MENG group of companies to the next level. I am galvanized by the opportunities that the future holds for strategic partnership, particularly in joint ventures and expanding our venture worldwide.

HuiLeng Yap, Executive Director, Weng Meng
Having a Bachelor of Business System from the University of Monash, Melbourne Australia, she is an experienced professional and current Executive Director of Weng Meng, who has a demonstrated history of working in the building materials industry. She is skilled in ISO Quality Management System, Negotiation, Business Planning, Operations Management, Sales and Marketing .

• Hobbies: Photography, Culinary Art, Interior Design & Travelling.
• Favorite Cuisine: I enjoy Japanese and Fusion food (particularly fusions of Asian and Western cuisine)
• Favorite Book: Preferably interior design books.
• Favourite Travel Destination: Capri, an island in Italy, while Prague from the Czech Republic is a close second.

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