Jeongheun Lee: Revolutionizing Society's Black Markets Through Blockchain Innovation

Jeongheun Lee: Revolutionizing Society's Black Markets Through Blockchain Innovation

Jeongheun Lee , Chief Product Officer

Jeongheun Lee

Chief Product Officer

The blockchain technology startup industry is a dynamic and rapidly evolving landscape. Fueled by the transformative potential of blockchain's decentralized and secure nature, startups in this field are driving innovation across a multitude of sectors. Jeongheun Lee, the Chief Product Officer at Guarantable, stands at the forefront of this innovation. Her role extends beyond her expertise in technology, it encompasses a commitment to fostering a culture of transparency and integrity. With a vision to make Non-Fungible- Token accessible to everyone, Jeongheun Lee's mission is to eliminate any presence of black markets across diverse industries, thereby safeguarding both buyers and sellers. Her leadership echoes the ethos of Guarantable, where the goal is to establish NFTs as a conduit of trust and reliability, inspiring a future marked by ethical practices and equitable interactions. Let’s discover more in this interview.

Can you share a quick overview of your career journey and what drives your daily activities?

I'm Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Guarantable, blending innovation and adventure in my career. With a background in computer science, I spent 7 years at Samsung SDS before this role. Passionate about user experience (UX) design, I've dedicated over 10 years to UX for web and mobile apps. My significant phase was with Rael based in Los Angeles, California, a feminine care start-up, where I played a crucial role in growth and global expansion. My motivation stems from creating impactful solutions. I aim to connect humanity and technology for a better life. I emphasize personal growth and efficiency daily, starting with early morning journaling and activities like tennis or pilates. Learning is a priority through reading and online seminars, as I strive for continuous self-improvement.

How do you ensure that your product vision aligns with the company's priorities as the Chief Product Officer?

Our primary objective is to bridge the gap between NFTs and daily life. To achieve this, we aim to offer a user-friendly SaaS solution tailored for beginners. Our focus is on minimizing barriers to entry into Web3 technology and making it applicable across various businesses. We've gone to great lengths to ensure the initial user experience is straightforward and approachable, recognizing that blockchain and NFT technology can be unfamiliar to many. Our aim is to enable easy access and utilization, even for those without prior knowledge. Within the array of industries, we're particularly positioned to transform the ticketing sector. We've acknowledged the struggles genuine fans face when buying tickets at reasonable prices due to global ticket scalping issues. To solve this, we've developed our groundbreaking solution called ‘moove’. This NFT-powered ticketing system combats scalping and fraud by allowing ticket resale at prices approved by event organizers and artists. This approach guarantees fairness and empowers all parties involved. Our overarching objective is to nurture a culture of transparency and honesty by democratizing NFTs. Our mission is to eradicate black markets across diverse sectors.

Share your leadership style with us. What principles or strategies do you adhere to as a leader?

We function as an agile, lean startup entity, poised to quickly respond to external shifts and capable of quickly adjusting to the constantly shifting external environment and meeting the changing demands of our clients. We are proactively fostering a team-oriented atmosphere that expedites the achievement of our company's vision and goals. My leadership style revolves around empowering team members to voice their ideas and take full responsibility for their contributions. Embracing an agile methodology, we prioritize flexibility and cultivate an innovative cultural environment.

I aim to connect humanity & technology for a better life

Where are you aiming to reach in the future?

Our main objective is to establish ourselves as the preferred and secure option in different sectors, similar to how Amazon dominates the e-commerce space. We're committed to broadening our scope, aiming for Guarantable to be linked with global transparency and reliability, reminiscent of Amazon's well-known position as the default choice for online shopping. Envisioning the global adoption of our technology and solutions across various fields, we're excitedly anticipating a future where Guarantable sets the benchmark for web3 technology, akin to Amazon's transformative impact on online commerce and interaction.

What are your expectations regarding the future market? Drawing from your industry experience, what guidance would you offer emerging leaders in this field?

As the market holds immense potential, particularly in the blockchain and security sectors, I foresee that, much like the transformative shift brought by the advent of cloud services, blockchain technology will revolutionize the way information is transparently shared and efficiently streamlined across various aspects of our daily lives. My advice to aspiring leaders is to maintain a curious outlook, consistently learn, and give importance to developing strong teams. Embrace innovation while never losing sight of the core values that drive your organization. Currently, there's a lack of comprehensive guidelines, and misconceptions abound among both the general public and business stakeholders, some viewing NFTs as inherently risky. To ensure the positive proliferation of this industry I believe there's a vital requirement for ethical guidelines, education, and the nurturing of a collaborative culture with an open-minded attitude. Collaboration and unity are imperative for NFTs to achieve their maximum potential.

Jeongheun Lee, Chief Product Officer, Guarantable

Jeongheun Lee, a visionary leader in the blockchain tech industry, combines innovation with integrity. As Chief Product Officer at Guarantable, she pioneers trust and accessibility in NFTs, striving to eliminate black markets. With a passion for ethical practices, she is reshaping the landscape and inspiring meaningful change in diverse sectors.

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