Leonides D. Lechoncito: Leading The Charge Towards Renewable Energy Innovation

Leonides D. Lechoncito: Leading The Charge Towards Renewable Energy Innovation

Leonides D. Lechoncito, Country Manager

Leonides D. Lechoncito

Country Manager

Great leaders play a pivotal role in the growth and success of a company, driving innovation, fostering collaboration, and inspiring their teams to excel. One such leader making waves in the renewable energy sector is Leonides D. Lechoncito, Country Manager at Tigo Energy in the Philippines. With a robust background in Strategic Brand Positioning, Energy, Sustainability, and Renewable Energy, Leonides brings a wealth of experience to the table. With unwavering dedication to learning and embracing challenges fuels their daily routines, Leonides ensures continuous growth and evolution in their role.

Tigo Energy, under Leonides' leadership, stands at the forefront of the industry as a global leader in Flex MLPE solutions. Since inception, the firm has been instrumental in accelerating the adoption of solar energy worldwide. Leonides' leadership approach emphasizes inclusivity and empowerment, fostering a healthy work culture where teamwork thrives. By prioritizing input from team members and promoting open communication, Leonides ensures that every voice is heard, fostering higher levels of employee engagement and workplace satisfaction. Let’s hear more in this one on one interaction.

Could you provide a concise overview of your professional history and experiences? Additionally, what drives and motivates you in your daily activities?

With a proven track record in the Renewable and Environment sector, I bring extensive experience as a Country Manager. My expertise lies in Strategic Brand Positioning, Energy, Sustainability, and Renewable Energy, coupled with adeptness in business and product development. Supported by a Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering, I possess a robust skill set to drive success.

Life, whether in a leadership role or not, is an ongoing journey of change & improvement

What propels me forward is the chance to embrace fresh experiences and tackle novel challenges. Within my current role, I've embraced greater accountability and acquired new proficiencies. This journey has been immensely rewarding, fostering continuous growth and evolution within my professional capacity.

How do you characterize Tigo Energy as a company and its present standing within the market?

Within our organization, we foster a vibrant work culture characterized by strong inter-team relationships spanning various countries. Rather than shying away from challenges, we confront them head-on, resolutely seeking solutions for each obstacle that arises. Our team is deeply passionate about our work, embracing daily challenges and crafting innovative solutions that drive our motivation.

Tigo stands out as the global leader in Flex MLPE (Module Level Power Electronics), offering cutting-edge solutions that amplify energy production, bolster safety, and reduce operating expenses for solar installations. The TS4 platform by Tigo optimizes the performance of PV systems, providing customers with the most adaptable, scalable, and dependable MLPE solution on the market. Originating in Silicon Valley, California in 2007, Tigo was established to accelerate the global adoption of solar energy.

Could you provide a succinct overview of your primary offerings and the additional value they bring to customers?

In today's marketplace, where numerous products and services are often perceived as commodities, the capacity to enhance the value of your offerings becomes indispensable. Without value-added elements, almost any product or service can be reduced solely to its price point. The challenge lies in the fact that when price becomes the sole focus, it becomes impossible to achieve high-margin sales, which are essential for sustained profitability, long-term growth, and sales success. Hence, emphasizing expert guidance, professionalism, and delivering exceptional customer service is crucial.

Share with us your approach to leadership. What principles or strategies do you adhere to in your role as a leader?

Initially, the choice of leadership style depends on the individuals one is leading and the nature of the organization. Typically, I lean towards a Democratic Leadership Style. Under this approach, I actively seek input from team members and take their feedback into account before making decisions. This inclusive approach ensures that team members feel valued, fostering higher levels of employee engagement and workplace satisfaction, which is a priority for me. Additionally, I prioritize group discussions and ensure that all pertinent information is shared with the team when making decisions. My aim is to cultivate a work environment where everyone feels empowered to share ideas and where rationality and flexibility are inherent traits.

How do you keep yourself up-to-date with ongoing industry trends to steer your organization towards the future and what future destination are you heading towards?

Life, whether in a leadership role or not, is an ongoing journey of change and improvement. Continuous learning is essential to navigate this journey effectively. As Henry Ford aptly put it, 'Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.' Therefore, I prioritize continuous learning to stay abreast of industry trends and steer my organization towards the future. Regarding the future, I believe it's not merely a destination but rather our direction. Witnessing the growth and success of professionals under my guidance brings me profound fulfillment. For me, true success lies in making a genuine impact on others' lives and helping them thrive.

Leonides D. Lechoncito, Country Manager, Tigo Energy Philippines

Leonides D. Lechoncito is a forward-thinking leader dedicated to continuous learning and growth. With a commitment to staying abreast of industry trends, Leonides prioritizes steering organizations towards the future. His leadership style emphasizes inclusivity and empowerment, fostering workplace satisfaction. Beyond professional pursuits, Leonides derives fulfillment from nurturing the growth of others, defining success by the positive impact made on individuals' lives.

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