Mac Foong: Mastering The Market With Skills & Expertise

Mac Foong: Mastering The Market With Skills & Expertise

Mac Foong,  Founder

Mac Foong


Many of us have the misconception that anyone could become a trader or investor in the stock market; however, becoming an excellent stock market trader needs far more than just some investment capital and a threepiece suit. The major factor separating a professional who is profitable from a trader who is losing money is the acquisition of essential trading skills. To fill the gap Mac comes with a platform called Goldman Seeds, a Malaysia based financial firm that offers trading education.

Mac has over seven years of experience as a resultsdriven chief executive officer, directing and boosting growth in small and medium-sized businesses. He is an expert options trader with in-depth knowledge of markets and how current events affect equities and options. He has a solid grasp of fluctuations and applies thorough analysis to decide when to place buy and sell orders. Let's learn more from him in below interview snippets.

Could you briefly explain your educational background and career experience? What motivated you to create Goldman Seeds, and what motivates you now?

You know despite having a limited formal education, my tenacity, unwavering faith, and persistence have allowed me to establish a successful business. Through real-world experience and ongoing education, I have gradually improved my talents. I have five years of experience as the CEO of a listed group's subsidiary, which has provided me with valuable insights into the inner workings of a successful company.

Do Good, Become Educated, Get Intellect, and Be Rich are the four guiding principles that form the foundation of our business. Our goal to teach and share knowledge is driven by these values. We want to have a positive impact on the community at large in addition to our clients by teaching and promoting these values.

Tell us about Goldman Seeds and its current position in the market? What is the special offer that your company makes to customers?

Goldman Seeds is situated at the center of the financial market. In order to give consumers and students a wide range of financial products and options to experience the essence of finance, as well as professional guidance and recommendations for maximizing value. It is our mission to continuously expand and enrich the entire ecosystem. With more than 2000 students, we launched a variety of fundamental and strategy courses at three different levels, from beginner to expert. We want to provide a financially secure environment where everything we do upholds our commitment to integrity.

Our unique selling point would be ‘Honesty is the foundation, Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk’ which underscores this commitment.

Tell us about the tools and methodologies your company uses to ensure that students have better learning experiences.

We have a variety of programs in place, such as the ‘Weekly Macroeconomics and US market Trend Analysis’ discussion and the Live Trading Courses, which are, in my opinion, the fastest and most effective ways for students to progress quickly. These programs give students in-depth knowledge of the US economy's recent history and most recent trends. Students' ability to completely comprehend the concepts and apply them in practical settings is made possible by the mix of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience. This accelerates their progress and strengthens their skills as they navigate the financial markets. Also, we have a Discord group where we publish daily news on the stock market, the worldwide market, and market analysis so that students may stay up to date on the state of the economy.

Could you describe your leadership style and the rules or procedures you adopt to manage your team?

The ancient Chinese ancestors left us a valuable leadership legacy known as ‘Fang and Yuan’. This philosophy has become the cornerstone of my leadership approach to my team, emphasizing the importance of balancing assertiveness with adaptability. Being at the forefront and continuously observing changes in the environment are crucial components of this philosophy, enabling leaders to turn situations to their advantage. Effective leadership under this philosophy requires strategic thinking, a clear vision, and quick reactions to stay ahead in ever-changing circumstances. By embracing this philosophy, we can leverage our unique strengths and create a roadmap for success in any situation. These leadership qualities can also be passed on to our team, fostering the development of future leaders. By adopting the ‘Fang and Yuan’ philosophy, we can build a strong and adaptable team that can navigate the complex and rapidly changing business landscape.

What changes in consumer behavior are you expecting in the future, and what opportunities do you see?

The consumer market will undoubtedly develop as a result of a number of variables, including increased technology use, a focus on sustainability, the expansion of new markets, and increased volatility. Our education in trading and investing will also be improved and organized as a result of these changes to better meet the changing needs of the market. We currently have a system of algorithms that can automatically trade in the future market and deliver respectable outcomes based on a three-year backtest.

What guidance would you offer to aspiring business executives considering your success?

Well, I have a few principles that I want to emphasize. First, stay current. The market is always changing, so it's critical to keep up with the most recent trends. Put a focus on risk management next. Profits are the ultimate goal of trading and investing, thus it's critical to stress the significance of risk management and good risk management techniques. Third, act morally. As the financial sector has a bad reputation for unethical activity, it's crucial to stress the value of ethics and set a good example.

Mac Foong, Founder, Goldman Seeds

Mac Foong is a result-driven chief CEO possessing 7+ years of experience leading and increasing growth in small and medium businesses. Strong ability to solve complex company problems using excellent judgment and decision-making skills. He is a highly skilled Option Market Trader and has extensive knowledge of markets and how stocks and options are influenced by current events. He also has a strong understanding of fluctuations and engages in careful analysis to determine placing buy and selling orders.

• Hobbies: LearningNew Market Trends & Business models

• Favorite Cuisine: LearningNew Market Trends and Business models

• Favorite Book: Philosophy books related to Yin & Yang, Capital, I Ching

• Favorite Travel Destination: All over the world, but the most beloved is still ‘Home’

Awards & Recognition

• Awarded Fintech Certificate from UM (University of Malaya)

• Malaysia PP-PPD Appointed Trainer

• Professional Certificate of Coaching in US Financial Market

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