Maryknoll B. Zamora: Embarking On A Mission To Facilitate The Growth Of Both The Company & Its Public

Maryknoll B. Zamora: Embarking On A Mission To Facilitate The Growth Of Both The Company & Its Public

Maryknoll B. Zamora , CFO

Maryknoll B. Zamora


To posit a nation's progress based on the degree of infrastructure development requires the participation of the private sector. Helping the government achieve its medium-term development plans is a commitment of Prime Asset Ventures (PAVI). PAVI's operation revolves around a variety of industries, including power and water utilities, information technology, and telecommunications. To ensure PAVI is able to provide the Filipino communities with affordable and reliable services we talked to Maryknoll B. Zamora, the company's Chief Finance Officer.

Maryknoll has completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy, Cum Laude from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines and earned he Juris Doctors from Adamson University. She also has a Master's in Business Administration, Management, and Operations from De La Salle University, Manila. Before she joined PAVI, she was the Accounting and Finance Head of Alcorn Gold Resources Corp, a publicly listed company, and Senior-in- Charge Auditor at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Aside from being an expert in the industry, Maryknoll used to teach at DLSU-Dasmarinas and currently teaching at PUP's Graduate School sharing her knowledge and expertise with aspiring leaders in the corporate world. Let’s hear more from Maryknoll Zamora.

At present, what is PAVI’s position in the market that makes it unique from the competition?

Prime Asset Ventures is the parent company of now the biggest water company in the Philippines in terms of customer base coming from a department of realty group that provides water services to various subdivisions. From 2013 to now, it has grown big a hundredfold. PAVI is focused on providing utilities and social services in its various concession areas. We provide clean and potable water, sufficient power, reliable internet connectivity, and other services which help the communities to grow. Our ability to  influence and touch the lives of people has made us unique from other competitors in the market. By providing the necessities where and when our public needs them, we are certain that we have an enduring influence in the market.

As PAVI’s Chief Finance Officer, how do you determine the profitability of its investment?

As the CFO of the company, it is imperative to see to it that all transactions and opportunities presented to the company undergo various stages of study to determine the viability of every investment. First, make sure that each project we want to invest in undergoes proper due diligence; not only financial due diligence but also a thorough review of the socio-economic and legal aspects. That is during the planning or business development.

Our Ability To Influence & Touch The Lives Of People Has Made Us Unique From Other Competitors In The Market

After all due diligence is done and when we foresee that there is a viable project, we then go to the next stage which is source funding. The finance team is the one responsible for this area. Regular monitoring to  make sure that the project is implemented properly. Once the project is implemented, we do projectevaluation by comparing results with the projected financial statement of the project. All of these help us in evaluating the overall financial climate for the next project. Remember that evaluating investment profitability is a dynamic process, and it's essential to regularly review the investment's performance and reassess its profitability throughout its lifecycle.

What is the motivation that drives you today? Is there any unique trait in the style of your leadership?

I am driven to tackle issues in leadership when I see how companies grow. Every company must see to it that upward climbs are sustained. Continual growth is every company's prime objective. I am inspired when we offer opportunities both to our employees and stakeholders.

"PAVI is focused on providing utilities and social services in its various concession areas"

I am more of a management-setting objective type of leader. I brief my team about our objectives and what we want to achieve. I guide my people from time to time to keep them on track with our objectives. I never micromanage them, but I always guide them to become more efficient and more productive in their respective work.

What are the milestones in your journey so far? What is your success mantra?

Individual milestones can be better depicted in the milestones of his/her organization. I am proud that I grew professionally with PAVI. The fact that this company has been touching thousands of lives and growing from hundreds of customers to million customers is a milestone as it is. Moreso, achieving a better standard of living through PAVI’s products and services. We are also complying with ESG goals to maintain our performance on various sustainability and ethical issues by involving ourselves in more social and environmental activities.

Where is the company heading? What piece of advice would you like to share with upcoming industry leaders?

We want to continue to expand and have more projects that will continue to touch as many lives as possible. We want to help communities to grow and make the facilities available not only in the surrounding cities but also in other regions with tier 2 and tier 3 cities. I would advise that when you find yourself becoming a leader in your field of expertise, you should not veer away from new areas of opportunity. Take that calculated risk. It would surely help you to grow and expand your business. There may be bumps a nd errors a long t he way. A nd t he journey of taking risks might be difficult to tackle but once you achieve your goal it will be a rewarding experience not just for you but for every individual in your team.

Maryknoll B. Zamora, CFO, Prime Asset Ventures

A successful leader in the field of finance, Maryknoll Zamora has a proven track record of almost three decades in accounting and financing. She has worked with big companies like PricewaterhouseCoopers, Alcorn Petroleum, and Prime Asset Ventures.

•Hobbies: Golf, Reading, and Social Activities

•Favorite Cuisine: Filipino and Italian

•Favorite Books: The Art of Positive Thinking, Economic Books, and Historical Books

•Favorite Travel Destination: Philippines, Switzerland, and Italy

•Awards & Recognition: A member of the Philippine Institute for CPAs

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