Mega Satria: Fuelling Financial Excellence & Empowering Success

Mega Satria: Fuelling Financial Excellence & Empowering Success

Mega Satria , CFO

Mega Satria


Playing a pivotal figures within organiza­tions, responsible for overseeing financial operations, strategizing financial planning, and ensuring the overall financial health of the company. Their roles encompass financial reporting, budgeting, risk management, and mak­ing informed investment decisions. One exemplary CFO, Mega Satria, began his illustrious career in the banking industry and later ventured into di­verse sectors, gaining valuable experience in the airline, port, and coal mining industries.

Equipped with a bachelor's degree in finance from Wichita State University and a master's degree from Loyola University of Chicago, Mega's dedication lies in creating value for shareholders and stakeholders, constantly striving to make meaningful contributions to the success of the organizations he serves, including his current role as CFO of Pelabuhan Indonesia, where he played a vital role in orchestrating a significant merger. In an insightful dialogue with CEO Insights Asia magazine, Mega unfolds the compelling nuances of his entrepreneurial journey, marked as influential in Indonesia. Here's an excerpt from an intriguing conversation.

Define Pelabuhan Indonesia as an organization and its position in the market.

Pelabuhan Indonesia, as the sole state-owned port operator in Indonesia, holds a crucial position in the country's logistic ecosystem. Being 100 percent government-owned, it plays a pivotal role in facilitating trade and commerce. Given its pivotal role, the government and stakeholders view Pelabuhan Indonesia as vital to the smooth functioning of businesses and many companies rely on the firm’s services to run their operations effectively. Therefore, it is imperative for us to ensure the delivery of high-quality, efficient, and effective services to meet the demands of our customers.

As the CFO, what are factors you look into to ensure the maintenance of financial health of the company consistently?

My role at Pelindo entails various responsibilities. Firstly, I am accountable for overseeing the financial aspects and risk management. This includes guiding the company's financial planning and collaborating with the board members to ensure effective performance management. Secondly, I am committed to continuing the strategic actions initiated in 2021, such as the merger of Pelindo 1, 2, 3, and 4 into a single entity by October 2021. To sustain this transformation, we must address the necessary tasks arising from the merger. By aligning our efforts with the business transformation targets, we aim to generate value and bolster strategic competitiveness within the Pelindo Group.

Tell us about your leadership approach. What are the methodologies that you follow as a leader?

In leading my team, professionalism is paramount, ensuring everyone understands their roles and responsibilities. Additionally, fostering strong teamwork across all functions is essential for success. I also emphasize the importance of combining professionalism with genuine care and empathy. It's not just about focusing on numbers but also about understanding and supporting each team member's growth and well-being. By balancing professionalism and compassion, we create a positive and motivated work environment, driving the team to achieve collective goals and deliver exceptional results.

How do you determine the profitability of an investment for the company?

We have a clear roadmap for Pelindo, outlining our goals until 2025. To ensure success, all our actions align with this roadmap. When considering investment decisions, we prioritize accuracy in timing, costs, and purpose. Our primary focus is on optimizing company assets, maximizing efficiency before resorting to investments. Only when asset optimization reaches its peak, we consider investments for business expansion and growth. This approach enables us to make effective investment decisions while maintaining a strong grasp on managing assets, cash flow, and liabilities.

At Pelabuhan Indonesia, we strive for success, turning dreams into reality by seizing every opportunity that comes our way

What's the future destination you are heading towards in the next five years?

Our vision for Pelindo is to become a benchmark in the region for port operators. The merger in 2021 has set us on a path to achieve the goals outlined in our roadmap. These goals encompass improved profitability, increased EBITDA, and enhanced operational indicators. By aligning ourselves with these goals, we are determined to establish Pelindo as a leading player in the port industry.

What is that advice that you'd like to give to the budding industry leaders in the finance segment?

I would advice them to go the extra mile if they want to excel in their roles. Also staying updated on industry trends, business regulations, and technology is crucial. Transparency is essential in our dealings with stakeholders and shareholders because it helps us deliver on our commitments. Adhering to these principles we can navigate challenges effectively, make informed decisions, and achieve the desired outcomes for the company and its stakeholders.

Mega Satria, CFO, Pelabuhan Indonesia

Mega Satria pursued his academic achievements at Wichita State University, Kansas, where he obtained his bachelor's degree in finance. He then continued his education at Loyola University of Chicago, earning his master's degree in 1999. Mega embarked on his professional journey in 2000, starting in the banking industry, where he spent around 12 years. In his current role as the CFO of Pelindo, he took charge of coordinating the merger of four government-owned port companies in Indonesia, resulting in the formation of Pelabuhan Indonesia.

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