Mirza Adhyatma  :  Evangelist With A Zest Of Laying The Groundwork For Others

Mirza Adhyatma : Evangelist With A Zest Of Laying The Groundwork For Others

Mirza Adhyatma, Chief Product Officer

Mirza Adhyatma

Chief Product Officer

All product-related activities within a company are responsible for strategy and execution. The responsibilities of a cpo begin with product innovation and vision and continue through the marketing campaign and beyond the product's release. The primary purpose of a cpo is to lead and enable product management teams in order to ensure that products give value to both the user and the business. To accomplish this, chief product officers must align the demands and goals of the product as well as the company.

Mirza Adhyatma, Chief Product Officer of Danamas, has played an important role for the organization's success by driving needed innovation in the development of market-required products. Danamas, as an organization, has been committed to offering solutions for productive business players, particularly micro enterprises, to be able to expand their operations, which is usually hampered by traditional factors, primarily a lack of operating cash.

In an exclusive interview CEO Insights Asia Magazine, Mirza walks us through his professional journey along with the unique traits of the company.

Throw some light on your professional background and experience. How has been your journey so far and what drives you today?

I have a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, a Master's degree in Agribusiness Management, and have finished my Executive Education in Entrepreneurship. I pursued a professional career in banking and have held positions such as risk management, product management, business development, and business transformation. I took a big step forward in my professional career by joining a fintech - startup company as the head of the product management. The journey has not been easy, and what motivates me today is the desire to create innovative products that will benefit the community as a whole.

How are you leveraging your expertise to help Danamas succeed in the long run? Highlight the current roles and responsibilities undertaken by you at Danamas.

All of the knowledge and experience I've gained over the years has greatly aided me in carrying out my operations in Danamas today. I have continually used my network to assist the firm move forward. In terms of my roles and responsibilities, I’m in charge of both the strategy and implementation of all technology products.

How would you define Danamas as an organization and its position in the market?

Danamas is the first licensed peer-to-peer lending platform in Indonesia, well-known as number one productive lending startups by DSInnovate Startup Report in 2021. We are now undertaking transformation as an organization in order to remain relevant in the shifting market conditions. We are continually developing our work culture and implementing cutting-edge technologies in order to assist clients in this post-pandemic era. We are also developing a new business model and implementing a new work methodology.

Can you recount one of the most challenging phases of your professional journey? How did you successfully overcome the roadblock that you had faced?

One of the most difficult phases of my professional career was in my former company, where we were entirely rebuilding and revamping the entire system from the ground up without disturbing the business. After sleepless nights, countless fights, and long hours of work, we successfully migrated to the new system. We were able to help the company scale its operations more quickly as a result of this. Hence, clear decisions, a strong team, and intuitive conflict resolution are key factors in overcoming critical conditions.

How are you aligning with the rules & regulations and certifications to meet the compliance requirements of the Asian market?

When it concerns the financial industry, compliance is the most important aspect. Understanding this, we are constantly updating ourselves with the latest rules and regulations. We are consistently trying to implement the same in our product to ensure strict quality standards. This has enabled us to maintain a good reputation in the market today.

How do you maintain the perfect balance between your personal and professional life? What is your success mantra?

One of my primary focus areas has been organizing my schedule and prioritizing what is vital at the time. Maintaining healthy communication between my colleagues and my family has also aided me in balancing both aspects of my life. And, in keeping with my philosophy, the only constant is change. As a result, learning and relearning while also responding to market conditions would undoubtedly aid in bringing out the best in an individual.

We are continually developing our work culture & implementing cutting-edge technologies in order to assist clients in this post-pandemic era

Going forward, what are the changes in market behavior that you anticipate and what are the opportunities that you foresee? What are your future goals?

Driving sustainability through the use of clean energy is the way towards a better future. To ensure our survival on Earth, I believe we must speed initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Further, building goal-driven products and deploying new technology that can assist a business in becoming future-ready would be the next step.

I really believe in passing on my knowledge and experiences to the next generation. I'm also a mentor who has assisted countless startups in making the required modifications to expand their businesses.

Mirza Adhyatma, Chief Product Officer, Danamas

Mirza has 10+ years of experience and currently working as a CPO at Danamas. He unparalleled experience in the field of banking, and entrepreneurship has led a successful career run, wherein, he has been continuously driving innovation when it comes to developing future-ready products & solutions.

• Hobbies: Music, Travel, and Books

• Favorite Book: The Infinite Game- Simon Sinek, Empowered- Marty Cagan, and FACTFULNESS- Hans Rosling

• Favorite Cuisine: Indonesian & Japanese

• Favorite Travel Destination: Anywhere there is Remote Island or Beaches

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