Movint Rao: Driven To Offer Effective Solutions That Help Businesses Build As A Brand

Movint Rao: Driven To Offer Effective Solutions That Help Businesses Build As A Brand

Movint Rao,  CEO

Movint Rao


Digital Marketing is the need of the era as it allows us to leverage different digital channels such as social media, pay-perclick, Search Engine Optimization to connect with customers and individuals interested in products offered. Digital Marketing has become increasingly important because of how accessible digital channels are these days.

Movint Rao is the CEO of Crush Media Network, which is a full-service Digital Marketing Tech Company based in Singapore that helps organizations make smart, data-driven decisions and grow their businesses. They offer a range of solutions, including building intelligent systems and creating digital campaigns, to help their clients succeed in the modern market. Their full-service approach has earned us recognition as an award-winning company. In an in-depth conversation with CEO Insights magazine, Movint shares with us his professional journey and the various lessons he has gathered along the way. Here are some excerpts from the conversation.

Tell us about your professional journey.

As a 17-year-old, I weighed 130 kilograms so, I started dieting but was doing it the wrong way and lost 70kgs in five months. One day I realized that I should be doing this the right way and that I should be sharing this information with the world too and inspiring people on how to do fitness the right way, without having to pay high prices for fitness professionals to lose weight. So, I started sharing content online in the form of Vlogs, blogs and Instagram posts and a few months later one of my posts went viral and that’s how I kick started my digital marketing career. I fell in love with it and have never  looked back since and now have been doing this for six years. I have founded two companies; Crush Media Network is a full-service digital marketing agency and Dessertcrush is a media company.

What inspired you to establish Crush Media Network and what are some of the industry trends that you see in the market?

I was working as a Co- Founder for another company, that was into digital marketing, in 2019 and I noticed the market trends and the gaps that existing between the marketing agencies and the customers’ demands. A lot of agencies were not selling what was required by the clients and if so, were doing it at all wrong and that is when I decided to set up Crush Media Network.

At Crush Media Network we support Small Businesses, Supply Chain Businesses, Agri Culture Brands, Import-Export brands & many more, to produce good content. The recent trend that we have noticed in the market is a slow shift towards Artificial Intelligence and Technology and also the large volume of content that people have to produce.

How would you describe the learning experience from PSB Academy Singapore? What are the most important lessons you have learned from the institute and carried in your journey so far?

One thing that I definitely learnt from PSB was the amount of attention one needs to pay to the research work. Earlier, my work would suffer for lack of research but after I joined PSB, because of all the project work and research I got a clearer insight of the industry and the market. I am also grateful for my teachers and friends that I had on the campus and the support that they showed, otherwise it would have been a difficult journey juggling both work and studies.

What are the best industry practices adopted into your services that help clients to build brand for the current market? Describe your leadership style.

I believe that customers' requirements and need is the religion. Wherever the attention of the customer goes, be it Instagram or Tik Tok, we have to go there and produce good mass content. Another practice is to not aim for perfectionism. We believe in creating good content that would educate the public and keep them informed and entertained but we avoid aiming for things to be perfect.

Crush media network aims to build intelligent systems and create digital campaigns, to help our clients succeed in the modern market

I would describe my leadership style as a person who worked for my team and not the other way around. I try to lead by example and try to be a part of the team. I also tell my team that we all have an equal say on any matter, it doesn't mean that I am the CEO so I can make all the decisions but instead I invite new ideas and I am open to thinking out of the box, especially in the digital era.

What are the factors you look into when formulating effective growth strategies? What does the future roadmap look like for Crush Media Network?

Before I enter any project, I look at the market to understand how many people are interested in the product and the second thing I try to understand is the audience’s attention and then try to make content around this information. I do my research well and try to hit the audience when implementing the strategies.

The future roadmap involves integrating technology and blockchain in our ecosystem and using AI to improve the guessing game in the marketing industry. Moving into the markets of import and export and sustainability are also our area of focus, which often gets overlooked.

Movint Rao, CEO, Crush Media Network

Movint is a young entrepreneur and CEO of Crush Media Network and Dessert Crush Singapore. With a passion for technology and digital marketing, he is dedicated to delivering exceptional results for his clients and partners.


• Hobbies: Playing football, boxing.

• Favorite Cuisine: Indian & Mexican

• Favorite Book: Crush it by Gary Vaynerchuk

• Favorite Travel Destination: US and SriLanka

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