Nhien Le: Championing Growth By Creating Strategic Plans That Move Businesses Forward

Nhien Le: Championing Growth By Creating Strategic Plans That Move Businesses Forward

Nhien Le , CFO

Nhien Le


Highly successful CFOs are biz-tech finance leaders with great business acumen to align strategies across the organization, technology acumen to integrate information & digital technology, and financial acumen to deliver finance controllership and business partnership. CEO Insights' exclusive team rendezvous with one such successful finance leader, Nhien Le has consistently surpassed leadership expectations, pivotal in driving the company's long-term financial performance and cultivating sustainable growth that positively impacts the top and bottom lines.

Nhien Le's remarkable journey of excellence led him to guide Loc Troi Group to unprecedented heights. With invaluable experience as Investment Director of Private Equity at Vina Capital, Investment Officer at Saigon Asset Management, and Senior Auditor at KPMG, he mastered investment management and contributed to prosperous portfolios. Leveraging his extensive background, he drives Loc Troi Group's strategic vision forward, establishing a solid foundation for growth with finely tuned financial strategies. Nhien Le consistently exceeds financial performance expectations, fostering behaviors that drive profitable growth. He also spearheads strategic initiatives beyond traditional business matters, aligning with the company's overarching agenda. Through unwavering commitment and strategic acumen, he propels Loc Troi Group to new heights, carving an unparalleled path to achievement.

As the CFO of Loc Troi Group, Nhien Le's expertise and direction enable Loc Troi Group to navigate the complex landscape of agricultural development with a focus on long-term sustainability. Through effective financial management and strategic decision-making, he fosters an environment that maximizes economic value while prioritizing sustainable practices.

Let's hear it from the leader as he talks about the company and more.

How would you define Loc Troi as an organization?

Loc Troi Group, a prominent Vietnam market player, is a leading agricultural manufacturer and service provider. With a strong focus on organic products and a sustainable value chain, the company excels in research, production, and trading of seed products, crop protection products (CPP), and biological rice products. Founded with a mission to uplift the status and improve the quality of life for Vietnamese farmers, Loc Troi Group serves as their trusted ally, actively working towards achieving sustainable agricultural development in the country. Committed to enhancing production quality, increasing value, and restructuring products to meet market demands, we strive to impact the farming industry positively.

Working alongside the executive leaders of Loc Troi, I aspire to make substantial contributions towards positioning the company as a prominent regional Group in agricultural services characterized by a sustainable agricultural value chain

What has been your success mantra so far?

Inspired by Harold Macmillan's wise words, 'A man who trusts nobody is apt to be the kind of man nobody trusts,' I wholeheartedly embrace the power of trust in my professional journey. Faith guides my leadership approach, creating an environment where others have confidence in me and my abilities. Optimism is at the core of my mindset, radiating positive energy and paving the way for success. I foster growth and achievement by embracing a hopeful outlook and thinking big for the future while taking purposeful steps in the present. Through trust, optimism, and strategic thinking, I navigate the leadership path, aiming to make a positive impact and inspire others.

What are the factors you take into account when determining the profitability of an investment?

Before proceeding with any investment, we carefully evaluate two vital elements: financial and non-financial costs. It is crucial for us to guarantee that the investment yields satisfactory returns to satisfy our stakeholders, who are primarily the farmers. Our objective is to achieve long-term sustainable profitability, so we also consider environmental and social factors when making decisions. Vietnamese farmers' trust and hard work have played a pivotal role in establishing Loc Troi Group as a prominent production and distribution group in Vietnam with a robust agricultural value chain. Therefore, when we make investment decisions, our primary focus is maximizing profits for our farmers first and subsequently for the business. Of course, plans for mitigating the risks have also been considered in all decision-making processes.

What are the best industry practices you have implemented in your team that enable them to ensure the maintenance of the financial health of Loc Troi at each level?

We follow international practices to maintain financial stability. Corporate governance principles for the financial sector and capital markets guide our decision-making. As CFO, I prioritize transparency in sharing financial information within our team. We strictly adhere to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) set by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) for accounting. Drawing on my extensive experience in the finance sector, I utilize strategic insights to shape our organization's trajectory, with the ultimate goal of expanding internationally. Additionally, I establish clear key performance indicators (KPIs) for this specific business segment, providing everyone with a measurable benchmark to monitor our progress.

From a financial standpoint, which are the areas you plan to help Loc Troi to invest its time in?

As a rapidly growing agricultural provider in Vietnam, our goal is to secure funding for supplying seeds, agricultural materials, and services to cooperative alliances, cooperatives, production groups, and associated farmers involved in rice cultivation. We successfully obtained a $300 million loan from various banks to expand our high-quality rice production within two years. Diligently building solid foundations and nurturing valuable relationships with stakeholders, including farmers, cooperatives, governments, and partners, has been our focus. We are strategically realigning our plans to attract further investments and expand our reach, offering exceptional agricultural products and services. As CFO, I collaborate closely with Loc Troi's executive leaders. I aim to raise at least $1 billion in the next 3-5 years, transforming our company into a leading regional group in agricultural services with a sustainable value chain.

Nhien Le, CFO, Loc Troi

Having an MBA from the University of Hawaii and extensive expertise in finance, Nhien Le harnesses his formidable technical abilities, analytical prowess, and managerial competence to consistently drive impactful transformations and deliver profitable outcomes at Loc Troi.

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