Norinao Shirai: Exercising Overseas Experiences To Establish The Name Of Japanese Merchants Globally

Norinao Shirai: Exercising Overseas Experiences To Establish The Name Of Japanese Merchants Globally

Norinao Shirai , Executive Director

Norinao Shirai

Executive Director

Nutraceutical marketing plays a critical role in the dissemination of information about new and existing nutraceutical products, helping healthcare providers make informed decisions about patient treatment. It serves as the final stage in the information continuum, where the results of research and development are translated into practical and useful tools for the medical community. This organized and comprehensive system provides updates on ingredient availability, safety, efficacy, potential hazards, and best practices for use. The costs associated with nutraceutical marketing are significant but are typical of high-tech industries as well that need to communicate complex information to knowledgeable users. These costs are outweighed by the benefits of proper drug and nutraceutical product use and cost savings through increased price competition in the market. Norinao Shirai is a prominent Japanese entrepreneur with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the business world.

He holds the esteemed position of Executive Director at Daiwa Pharmaceutical, a leading manufacturer of unique and high-quality nutraceutical products through a strong focus on research and development. In addition to his role at Daiwa Pharmaceutical, Shirai is also a Director at PTG, a start-up working to provide recognition and support to small and mid-sized Japanese companies as they strive to establish a presence in the international market. With his extensive expertise and commitment to innovation, Norinao Shirai is poised to lead both organizations in driving success in the nutraceutical and global business industries. Daiwa Pharmaceutical is a top player in the nutraceutical product manufacturing industry, specializing in producing unique and high-quality nutraceutical products through its focus on research and development.

Norinao Shirai is a seasoned professional with over 40 years of experience in the international marketing industry. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated an exceptional ability to turn around struggling companies, driving significant growth and improvement. With a focus on providing outstanding service, Shirai has a proven track record of building trust with customers and driving success in the competitive world of international marketing. Norinao Shirai engages in an exclusive interaction with the CEO Insights Asia Magazine.

Could you give a brief account of your professional background and experiences? What is the inspiration that fuels your customary routines?

With over 40 years of experience in the international commerce industry, I have had the opportunity to work abroad on three separate occasions. During my overseas assignments, I have a proven track record of successfully turning around struggling subsidiaries. I was able to bring a subsidiary from a significant deficit to break even within four years. My excellent English communication skills have also played a key role in building strong business relationships based on trust with clients and partners. These skills, combined with my extensive experience have made me a valuable asset in the international commerce industry. One driving principle that guides my daily work and has been key to my success is the belief that ‘Mutual trust is the foundation of business success’. This belief has proven to be a successful mantra for me and has helped foster positive and productive relationships with colleagues and clients.

How would you portray Daiwa Pharmaceutical as an enterprise and its situation in the market? Tell us about PTG and its flagship offerings to the customers.

Daiwa Pharmaceutical is a research-focused organization known for its unique line of immunemodulating dietary supplements. PTG is a start-up supporting small to mid-sized Japanese businesses to expand globally. The declining population in Japan due to aging and low birth rates has led these companies to seek international markets. PTG provides services such as an international business advisor, connections to extra-governmental organizations, and an executive business English coach to help its clients succeed in multinational businesses. PTG offers its customers an international business advisor who helps them enter the global market profitably. The company acts as a liaison between small business owners and the government, connecting them to organizations like JETRO for economic support to expand overseas.

We At Daiwa Pharmaceutical Are Poised For Exciting Progressions & Opportunities In The Market

What are the progressions in market conduct expected by you, and what are the opportunities that you anticipate?

As a leading nutraceutical company, Daiwa Pharmaceutical has always been at the forefront of innovation and progress in the market. In the coming years, we anticipate an increasing demand for dietary supplements. Research and Market, a renowned research firm predicted that the global dietary supplement market will grow from USD 163.9 billion in 2022 to USD 327.4 billion at a CAGR of 8.9 percent. The research firm says 'Growing awareness regarding personal health and wellness owing to changing eating habits and hectic lifestyles is expected to drive the demand for dietary supplements over the forecast period. Increasing urbanization and growing disposable income around the world are driving the demand for products that can cover the nutritional deficit at higher convenience is the key factor driving the demand for vitamins, minerals, proteins and amino acids, and other supplement products around the world'.

We witnessed this trend when we exhibited our booth at Vitafoods Asia 2022, Thailand in October 2022. After Covid-19, it seems the awareness of health and wellness among people has drastically changed. Therefore, there were many business entities who came to our booth and showed great interest in new products such as our new ingredient for cognitive function. Those who visited our booth were much more serious about their business than ever before. Another key area of growth for Daiwa is the increasing demand for specific healthcare solutions, especially in immunity. Our commitment to providing unique, high-quality products for specific needs will position us well to capitalize on these opportunities and continue our mission of improving the health and quality of life of patients and health-conscious people worldwide.

In conclusion, we at Daiwa Pharmaceutical are poised for exciting progressions and opportunities in the market. Our focus on innovation, and unique, high-quality products for specific needs will continue to drive our success and help us achieve our goal of improving patient outcomes as well as enhancing the quality of life of people worldwide.

Tell us about your leadership approach. In light of your substantial background within the industry, what advice would you give to budding industry leaders?

As a leader, I believe in empowering and inspiring my team members. My approach is to provide guidance and support while also allowing for autonomy. My advice to budding industry leaders is to always be on the lookout for new opportunities and to prioritize building trust in their business relationships. Trust is a crucial factor in achieving success in any industry. Additionally, it's important to have a clear vision, remain adaptable, and be willing to take calculated risks. By doing so, you can create a thriving business culture and drive growth.

Norinao shirai , executive director, daiwa pharmaceutical co

Norinao Shirai is a well-rounded and experienced professional who was born and raised in Japan. He honed his skills and knowledge by studying Economics at Jiyugakuen College in Tokyo, where he obtained his degree. Shirai's exceptional English proficiency was a valuable asset in establishing international connections, while throughout his 40-year career in commerce, he has accumulated a wealth of expertise and experience working in foreign countries. This diverse background has equipped him with a unique perspective and insights that are highly sought-after in today's global business landscape

Quick Facts:

Hobbies: Watching sports matches: Sumowrestling, Soccer, Baseball, and more.

Favorite Cuisine: Sushi, Spanish, and Italian food

Favorite Book: Self-help books

Favorite Travel Destination: New York, London, Paris

Certifications & Language Skills:

• TOEIC 990 points (May 2011)

• STEP Eiken test 1st Grade (May 2015)

• The Proficiency Test in Trading Business A Grade (May 2017)

• Certified International Business Adviser certified by Association of International

• Business Advisers ( AIBA: Former JETRO certified trade advisers group) (May 2019)



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