Nur Adibah Razali: Empowering Futures With A Strategic Vision For Social Impact

Nur Adibah Razali: Empowering Futures With A Strategic Vision For Social Impact

Nur Adibah Razali, CSO

Nur Adibah Razali


Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are pivotal in the spheres of international development, aid, and philanthropy. Typically operating as non-profit entities, these organizations can command vast annual budgets, reaching into the millions or billions of dollars. Their influence is derived from their specialized knowledge and their ability to tap into crucial information resources. Cinta Syria Malaysia aspires to become the leading NGO in Malaysia, dedicated to mitigating the Syrian refugee crisis with a particular focus on education by 2025. Their mission is centred around offering free education to underprivileged Syrian children and prioritizing contributions towards the welfare of Syrian refugees. Nur Adibah Razali, serving as the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) of Cinta Syria Malaysia, has been instrumental in the organization through her involvement in various campaigns and programs aimed at turning their vision into reality.

During a detailed interview with us, she shared insights into the workings of the NGO and discussed the successful campaigns they have accomplished thus far.

Can you share an overview of your career history and experiences? What drives you in your everyday work?

I serve as the Chief Strategy Officer in a judiciary militia organization, with a diverse background spanning various roles. After completing my university education, I worked as a lecturer and then transitioned to roles in human resources and operations management. Currently, I am pursuing a Master's in Science for Organizational Development and focusing on strategic planning for discrimination and refugee affairs. My responsibilities include defining and refining the organization's mission, staying updated on industry trends, and fostering long-term value for stakeholders. With a team of 48 employees across Malaysia and Jordan, I strive to optimize operations and drive collaboration with international partners. My motivation lies in developing high-performing teams, fostering innovation, and leaving a lasting impact through automation and creativity in our organizational vision.

How would you characterize Cinta Syria Malaysia as an entity and its current standing within the market?

CSM functions as a nonprofit social work organization and advocacy group based in Malaysia. Our primary focus revolves around three pillars: Emergency Relief, welfare, and education. Currently, our strongest foothold lies in education, recognizing its profound and lasting impact on children's lives. We're distinct from others in the market due to our emphasis on education, catering to stakeholders and residents in Malaysia, Syria, Turkey, and Jordan, as well as our global network of donors and supporters. Our strategic direction centres on expanding and enhancing our educational initiatives, which is reflected in the establishment of multiple educational centres across various countries.

As the Chief Strategy Officer, what are the most recent strategic initiatives you've implemented to broaden and streamline operations while reaching out to fresh demographics within the market?

In my role as the Chief Strategy Officer, strategic research stands as a cornerstone of my responsibilities. It involves identifying emerging opportunities, trends, and potential focus areas for CSM's expansion, particularly in the realm of education. By comprehensively understanding the needs, preferences, and behaviours of our target audience, we aim to forge strategic partnerships and collaborations with other organizations, particularly those focused on higher education. Over the past decade, our educational programs have primarily focused on primary and secondary levels, and now we aim to extend our reach to include higher secondary, university, and internship opportunities. This year, we are prioritizing collaborations to enhance our educational offerings and reach, leveraging each other's strengths to create mutually beneficial opportunities. Such collaborations may entail joint ventures or co-marketing campaigns to raise awareness and improve the overall customer experience across all touchpoints, from initial engagement to post-purchase support. Ultimately, our goal is to elevate the quality of our educational initiatives and ensure a brighter future for CSM.

Share with us your approach to leadership. What principles or methods do you adhere to as a leader?

As a leader, my style revolves around coaching and collaborative leadership. In the coaching aspect, I focus on nurturing the skills and potential of my team members by offering guidance, feedback, and support to aid in their professional development. Additionally, as a collaborative leader, I prioritize teamwork, cooperation, and collective decision-making, recognizing that the best outcomes are achieved when everyone works together towards a shared objective. While my leadership approach may vary depending on the situation, the team's needs, and my own strengths and weaknesses, I believe that flexibility and adaptability, coupled with a deep understanding of human behaviour and motivation, are crucial traits for effective leadership. My team members trust that I am committed to coaching and collaboration, and they have confidence that I will support them in achieving our collective goals.

Can you share insights on the most daunting obstacles you've faced throughout your journey thus far? How did you surmount these challenges, and what valuable lessons did you glean from them?

In social work, challenges arise, notably amid situations like those in Palestine and Syria. A significant hurdle is the stigma and misconceptions surrounding social work within communities. As external stakeholders, ensuring their understanding and trust, without a risk management plan, is challenging. As a CSO, maintaining accountability, trust, and operational efficiency is crucial for community support. Globally, public trust hinges on organizational efficiency. Therefore, disseminating knowledge about NGO operations is key to building trust. As a leader, my vision includes conducting sessions to enhance understanding of corporate social organization workings and fostering community engagement.

Nur Adibah Razali, CSO, Cinta Syria Malaysia

Nur Adibah Razali is an accomplished Human Resources Manager with a proven track record in the non-profit organization management sector. She possesses expertise in HR Policies, Labor Relations, Succession Planning, Human Resources, and Performance Appraisal. With a background in Islamic Studies from Al Albayt University, Jordan, Nur Adibah Razali is a skilled and dedicated HR professional committed to excellence in her field.

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