Preeti Sharma: A Pioneering Legal Excellence At Hind Rectifiers

Preeti Sharma: A Pioneering Legal Excellence At Hind Rectifiers

Preeti Sharma , Head of Legal

Preeti Sharma

Head of Legal

Legal services play a crucial role in the modern business landscape, serving as the bedrock upon which companies build their operations, transactions, and relationships. Legal expertise ensures adherence to regulations, safeguards intellectual property, facilitates smooth contractual arrangements, and navigates the complexities of dispute resolution. It is the thread that weaves ethical conduct and compliance into the fabric of corporate conduct, ensuring sustainable growth and fostering trust among stakeholders. As businesses operate in an environment of ever-evolving laws and regulations, legal professionals are essential guides who interpret and apply these frameworks to enable strategic decisions and ensure corporate resilience. Preeti Sharma, the Head of Legal at Hind Rectifiers, a prominent manufacturer of electronic equipment, epitomizes this vital role.

With over a decade of experience in Corporate, Legal Services, Preeti possesses an extensive skill set encompassing litigation expertise, meticulous drafting and vetting of agreements, and adept negotiation and execution of contracts. Graduating with an M.A. LL.M, her journey spans diverse sectors including Banking &  Insurance, Travel & Hospitality, IT-enabled services, and manufacturing. Preeti's multi-industry exposure equips her with a panoramic understanding of the legal intricacies relevant to each sector, allowing her to craft tailored legal strategies that align with the unique needs of the business landscape. Her proficiency not only upholds legal compliance but also contributes significantly to the strategic direction and growth of the company. As an accomplished legal practitioner. Let's discover more insight from him in the below interview snippets.

Can you provide a concise overview of your professional experience and what motivated you to choose a career in the field of law?

I embarked on my professional journey in the dynamic realm of the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector, where I gained invaluable experience. Transitioning from there, I found myself drawn toward the intricacies of the insurance industry. The profound notion of safeguarding and championing the rights of individuals, coupled with the ceaseless quest to devise strategies that mitigate potential risks, deeply resonated with me. This profound resonance ultimately guided me to a pivotal decision to embrace the realm of law.

In your role as the Head of Legal, how do you propose revisions to the company's policies, and how do you contribute to the company's overall value?

Considering the constantly evolving nature of legal frameworks, it becomes absolutely crucial for the company to realign its policies in tandem with changes. This involves not only the capacity to foresee upcoming shifts and intricacies but also the readiness to adapt swiftly. By doing so, the company ensures it remains well-prepared and equipped to navigate the ever-changing legal landscape effectively.

The cornerstones of patience & unwavering determination have been the driving forces behind my record of achieving favorable results

How do you lead your team to guarantee the firm maintains adherence to the most recent regulatory changes? Also, what strategies you use to strengthen the legal defense of the company?

Through dedicated reading and consistently refreshing your expertise. By regularly monitoring informative websites. By engaging in diverse forums and sharing the acquired knowledge.

To begin, conduct a comprehensive analysis of the root causes, evaluate the extent of damages, and estimate potential litigation costs. Seek amicable resolutions as a primary approach. If litigation becomes necessary, prioritize engaging top-tier legal counsel.

What guiding principle has contributed to your track record of achieving positive outcomes throughout your journey thus far?

The cornerstones of patience and unwavering determination have been the driving forces behind my record of achieving favorable results. These attributes have not only guided my actions but have also empowered me to navigate challenges with resilience and persistently pursue excellence.

As you envision the years ahead, what direction do you foresee for yourself? What plans do you have for your future trajectory?

I anticipate a continuous journey of growth and aim to excel in my ongoing projects. Currently, I intend to take incremental steps, with the possibility of establishing a legal consultancy firm remaining open.

I anticipate a continuous journey of growth and aim to excel in my ongoing projects. My aspiration is to not only excel but to set new benchmarks in the projects I am presently engaged in. This involves a deliberate strategy of embracing gradual progress, allowing for comprehensive learning and skill enhancement along the way. Importantly, I am also nurturing the prospect of venturing into the establishment of a legal consultancy firm, a potential avenue that embodies both my passion for the legal domain and my aspirations for contributing meaningfully to the legal landscape.

Given your extensive expertise in the legal sector, what advice would you offer emerging leaders seeking new opportunities in this domain?

The legal field demands substantial dedication and patience. Maintain a constant awareness of evolving legal reforms, as regulations are perpetually changing. Develop the ability to communicate complex legal concepts in simple terms during drafting, preserving the original intent without dilution.

Preeti Sharma, Head of Legal, Hind Rectifiers

Preeti Sharma is the Head of Legal at Hind Rectifiers. With a decade of experience in the legal landscape, she is proficient and adept in litigation, agreements, and negotiation. She guides business success with her strategic legal insights.

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