Rachavit Whangpatanathon: A Highly-Driven Leader With A Youth-Centered Approach Revolutionizing The Digital Marketing Sector In Thailand

Rachavit Whangpatanathon: A Highly-Driven Leader With A Youth-Centered Approach Revolutionizing The Digital Marketing Sector In Thailand

Rachavit Whangpatanathon, Managing Director

Rachavit Whangpatanathon

Managing Director

In today’s era of the digital revolution, where social media has a major influence in terms of dictating our choices and way of life, organizations are largely dependent on digital marketing to penetrate the market or grow their client base. Digital marketing agencies leverage various tools, such as email marketing, SEO & SEM, content creation, advertising, and many more, to enhance brand awareness. The massive shift in technology and product choices after the pandemic has been helping the Digital marketing sector in Thailand experience massive growth, with the sector estimated to reach $2079 million at a CAGR of 7.31 percent.

As the Managing Director of ANGA BANGBOK, Rachavit Whangpatanathon is leveraging his diverse educational background as well as extensive digital marketing experience to lead the firm to become one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Thailand. A strong believer in a collaborative workspace, he has been focused on creating a healthy work environment for the young generation to work and grow with the firm. Under his inspiring leadership, ANGA has been experiencing tremendous growth and is about to expand its operation into the international market.

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights ASIA, Rachavit discusses ANGA as an organization and its position in the market, his leadership approaches and guidelines, and much more:

Tell us about your learning experience from Mahidol University and the times you found these learnings beneficial in your journey so far. What is the motivation that fuels your daily routine?

My days at Mahidol University have laid the foundation for a wide range of technical and leadership abilities, such as logical thinking, problemsolving, and decision-making, as well as various hard skills, such as programming, innovation, and technical knowledge. Even my Master’s degree from the University of Southampton has greatly enhanced my sense of business and marketing. My diverse educational experience helps me look at Digital marketing from a different perspective.

I have a tremendous amount of faith in my leadership and analytical abilities and have always found myself to be a person who can effortlessly drive a team as well as a company. After leading a team, I realized that working together as a team is what leads to success. So, it’s my leadership abilities as well as my love for the job that drives me.

I'm always open to picking up new skills & learning new things in the digital world so that I can project a global image for myself & my agency

Define ANGA BANGBOK as a digital marketing agency in the advertising services industry.

ANGA stands for A New Generation of Agency. Compared to our peers in the market, we believe in the power of the young generation and would like to position the firm differently. We believe and invest in the culture of the firm. Even the digital marketing sector has been evolving rapidly and has experienced massive evolution, especially between the pre and post-Covid eras. At ANGA, we believe in young talents and would love to work with a diverse group of the young generation. Instead of just hiring people to work for the company, we believe in giving them a career and an opportunity to grow together with the company.

Tell us about your leadership approach. What are the guidelines or methodologies you follow to lead your team?

My primary responsibility as a leader is to develop and maintain a healthy and productive work culture at the firm. As already mentioned, we at ANG believe in the power of the young generation. The young generation has a higher possibility of getting burnout from a toxic work environment. So I believe in developing a healthy work environment where everyone can work and collaborate. I also encourage positive cooperation between crossfunctional teams, which I believe, is extremely important for an organization’s growth. Coming to leadership guidelines, I love open discussions as well as employee engagement. When it comes to taking important decisions, I prefer to let individuals or the team lead the discussion.

Where do you see yourself headed in the upcoming years? What would be your advice to budding leaders and entrepreneurs in the industry?

Individually, I aim to become a good leader and lead by example. Owing to my extensive learning and working experience in diverse sectors, I have a lot to share with the team. I also aim to mentor new leaders in the team. Coming to the organizational roadmap, we aim to drive ANGA to become one of the top-performing digital marketing agencies in Thailand. We also have plans to reach international markets and expand our business operations to other countries, especially Singapore.

The advice I would like to give to budding leaders and entrepreneurs in the industry is to hire the right people. Instead of hiring based on experience, I prefer to hire passionate people who believe in what they do and are dedicated to organizational growth. The second point is to be different that your competitors. To lead the market, you always need to be one step ahead of your peers in the market. Lastly, instead of terminating people based on individual gossip or perception, always gather enough information to consolidate the reasons for the termination.

Rachavit Whangpatanathon, Managing Director, Anga Bangbok

An accomplished professional with extensive experience in Digital Marketing as well as a diverse educational background in technology, creativity, and marketing, Rachavit is currently working as the Managing Director of Bangkokbased leading Digital Marketing agency, ANGA BANGBOK. Rachavit has completed his BS degree in Computer Software Engineering from Mahidol University and MS in Digital Marketing from the University of Southampton.

• Hobbies: Portrait drawing

• Favorite Cuisine: Thai, Korean, Japanese

• Favorite Travel Destination: Koh Samu island in Southern Thailand

• Awards & Recognition: (For ANGA) Won Best Paid Search Campaign of the Year by The Drum Awards 2022 Won Small SEO Agency of the Year 2022.

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