Rosie Seldon: Building Digital Marketing Teams To Meet The Growing Shortage

Rosie Seldon: Building Digital Marketing Teams To Meet The Growing Shortage

Rosie Seldon,  Managing Director

Rosie Seldon

Managing Director

70 percent of corporate executives believe that a lack of critical digital skills poses a danger to their industry. Companies need a digitally avvy workforce who can combine, technology with the customer experience and merge business objectives with digital creativity. Rosie identified the need for skilled talent in the region and launched one of the UAE’s pioneering digital marketing firms in the UAE in 2015. Now in 2023, she is launching a second business focusing on the Abu Dhabi and global market. As the CEO of Digital Qube, Rosie Seldon is providing effective project teams to help companies successfully deliver their digital brand and marketing strategies . CEO Insights Asia Magazine, invited Rosie to an exclusive interview to find out how her journey can inspire other entrepreneurs and corporate leaders alike.

Tell us about your professional journey. What were the significant milestones?

The first thing I did when I left university, was read a book called ‘What color is your Parachute'. This book shaped my life as it made me realize that I should focus my career, in a laser-sharp fashion, on just one specific thing. And in 1998, the new hot thing was called the INTERNET. A dot com boom was in the making and companies all over London were wondering how to create their first-ever website. I had no background in technology but I decided right there and then, that I would become a marketing person for the internet.

I persuaded Thomson Holidays to let me build, their first ever intranet site. And from there, my passion of all-things-digital, was born. I went on to help the companies, banks and the finest financial institutions of London ‘go digital’. I assisted businesses in launching their first-ever internet offerings. The next big milestone was being asked by HSBC to head up their Digital Experience team in Canary Wharf, London. From the 44th floor I led the redesign of all their major product journeys online. 3 years later, and with 2 babies, I made a decision to work as a Consultant which gave me the chance to support many different London-based businesses, including Lloyds Bank,where I served as one of their Project Leads for  their digital transformation initiatives.

Our aim is to be a major Digital marketing player in the UAE and expand our reach to New partners and investors

With 11 million people visiting their website every week, and a budget of over 2-million pounds, the job required focus and dedication After relocating to the UAE, I was headhunted to support the Google Training Academy as one of their global facilitators. Instructing their clients across the world, in the development of their digital brand strategies. Meanwhile on the ground in Abu Dhabi, and Dubai, I began assisting local businesses in creating their digital platforms, to support the launch of their websites, content and apps. It quickly became clear that the time was right, to established a local consultancy to address the growing skills gap for digital marketing services in the UAE.

What has been your success mantra?

‘Quality, agility, and speed’ are my mantra for success. Things move fast in the digital world. To compete with bigger businesses, our motto is to consistently provide ‘high-quality work and high-quality teams’ who are personable, dedicated and knowledgeable.

How have you overcome the challenges?

Bootstrapping your own business creates a lot of financial challenges. We constantly monitor costs, throughout digital tracking systems, as well as growth, to keep us focused on always maintaining a solid financial position.

As the Managing Director, what is the first thing you look at when developing effective corporate strategies?

First and foremost, we adhere to the principle of putting the needs of our clients first. Understand their pain points and solve them. We have a strong desire to assist UAE-based businesses in developing their digital capabilities.

What kind of concepts do you embed in your training?

We’ve outlined 8-modules of digital marketing. They all concentrate on the most critical facets of success, such as website building, project management, content management, and branding.

What is the future roadmap you have for yourself?

I want to grow the company significantly over the next three years, so that it is a major player in the UAE, and to do so, I need to expand our partnerships and investor network. We want to help companies launch the most effective digital marketing strategies but also help them set up their digital processes and transform the companies from within.

Rosie Seldon, Managing Director, Digital Qube

As the MD of Digital Qube, Rosie Seldon is consistently working to provide effective digital transformation and marketing solutions to numerous companies in Abu Dhabi.

• Hobbies: Swimming and skiing

Favorite Cuisine: Asian

Favorite Book: Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Favorite Travel Destination: Saadiyat Beach, Abu Dhabi

Awards & Recognitions:

• SMART Employee Award - HSBC

• Headhunted to be a Global Facilitator - for the Google Training Academy

• Top Women Entrepreneur of Abu Dhabi - by Entrepreneur Magazine

• P&G Woman Entrepreneur

• New York University AD, Women Entrepreneur Academy – sponsored by US Embassy, StartAD



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