Sugandha Virmani: Exhibiting Asia's Rich Cultural Heritage To Create Designs For Modern Living

Sugandha Virmani: Exhibiting Asia's Rich Cultural Heritage To Create Designs For Modern Living

Sugandha Virmani , Director

Sugandha Virmani


Asia boasts a diverse and culturally rich tradition of handicrafts, each a testament to its unique heritage. However, as digitalization accelerates, artisans across Asia face challenges in showcasing their talents and sustaining their craft. Enter Sugandha Virmani, a visionary entrepreneur who seeks to harmonize tradition with the contemporary. Through her venture, Rooh for Spaces, Sugandha endeavors to reintroduce the beauty of Asian craftsmanship to Singapore while collaborating closely with artisans throughout the region to promote and celebrate exceptional craftsmanship.

Sugandha's journey began with a childhood fascination for art, design, and handicrafts. In 2013, she ventured into the realm of interior design, initiating a wave of positive transformation while confronting the uncertainties and challenges inherent in the field.

As the Director and Founder of Rooh for Spaces, Sugandha, an artist turned entrepreneur, is revolutionizing the interior design industry. Her mission is to empower Singaporeans to adorn their living spaces with one-of-a-kind handcrafted furniture, homeware, and kitchenware that not only reflect their cultural roots but also resonate with their modern lifestyles and narratives.

Let's delve into Sugandha's vision and the essence of Rooh for Spaces.

Define Rooh for Spaces. Describe its brand persona and what it represents.

Rooh for Spaces embodies the soul of a living space. My team and I believe that every space possesses a unique essence, and their designs narrate captivating stories, taking customers on a transformative journey. Our core objective is to offer handcrafted treasures from across Asia, reinvigorating spaces while championing craftsmanship. We firmly hold that every home should weave a narrative through its decor that resonates with both residents and visitors. We strongly believe that every home narrates a story and it should have a collection of things that describes the story well to the dweller as well as visitors.

At Rooh for Spaces, we believe in filling spaces with collectibles of a life well lived and a personality fully expressed. Beyond being a conversation starter, our collection of furniture, homeware, and kitchenware speaks to people’s lifestyles, personalities, and stories. They’re pieces that say one thing to one, and another to someone else. For some, it’s an unexpected object, a hybrid of functional and frolicsome things. For others, it’s a color, a pattern, or a feeling that elevates an everyday moment. No matter what it is, they encourage each one to create a space that reflects their innermost inspirations, through bold, brave, and eclectic motifs.

We envision our firm as a beacon of creativity & work towards becoming the most trustable, innovative, creative, and efficient design firm

How is the team built and what motivates them the most to ensure client satisfaction? What are the methodologies you follow as a leader?

Rooh for Spaces, in its early stages, comprises a team of six professionals, complemented by remote collaborators in India, including craftsmen, weavers, marketing experts, and logistics handlers. These individuals share a common commitment to delivering an exceptional customer experience, serving as a powerful source of motivation.

Managing teams across borders can be challenging, but I believe, I underscore the importance of collaboration. I prioritize recruiting professionals who align with the company's culture, share its vision, and possess strong collaboration skills, nurturing a positive work environment.

What were the major challenges that you faced while establishing Rooh for Spaces?

Being the brain behind the brand has been in itself a big challenge; it is never easy to transform ideas into reality. However, my previous experiences and passion for art and design have enabled me to curate my thoughts into developing my aesthetic into playful interiors, outdoor landscapes, and signature spaces that are inspired by life and art. Apart from that, carrying on smooth logistics operations and quality checks on products has been extremely challenging, and required expert professionals. Finding hands-on professionals was not easy in a country like Singapore. However, I was able to set foot in Singapore, build my team, and deliver 60+ orders and customized spaces for various clients in just a span of a few months.

What is your vision for Rooh for Spaces?

We aspire to operate our business and conduct with care, honesty, and integrity. We envision our firm as a beacon of creativity and work towards becoming the most trustable, innovative, creative, and efficient design firm that is committed to building lasting customer relationships and creating an international brand that is trusted for its quality and good service.

Sugandha Virmani, Director, Rooh for Spaces

Armed with an Interior and Styling Degree from renowned schools and a wealth of experience in product development with prestigious organizations, Sugandha now brings her passion for interior design to the forefront. Through Rooh for Spaces, she endeavors to create beautiful living spaces for the people of Singapore, weaving the rich tapestry of Asian craftsmanship into the fabric of modern living.

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