Sumi Mahmud: Pioneering Transformation By Simplifying Healthcare & Elevating Wellness

Sumi Mahmud: Pioneering Transformation By Simplifying Healthcare & Elevating Wellness

Sumi Mahmud , Co-Founder & CPO/CTO

Sumi Mahmud

Co-Founder & CPO/CTO

Chief Product Officers (CPOs) are visionary leaders who steer product development and innovation within organizations. Their role is pivotal in driving the creation of products that resonate with customers, meet market demands, and align with the company's overall vision. Sumi Mahmud is a dynamic entrepreneur, product visionary, and data science expert renowned for her transformative impact on industries through innovative leadership and groundbreaking solutions. With a diverse background spanning various sectors, she consistently harnesses her strategic acumen and creative prowess to drive meaningful change.

As the Chief Product Officer (CPO) and Co-Founder at Dawak, a pioneering HealthTech startup in Dubai, Sumi spearheads the development of an automated pharmacy offering a personalized pharmacy experience and microbead supplements. Leveraging her data science expertise, she introduced the revolutionary concept of personalized supplement recommendations, showcasing her commitment to holistic health management.

Engaging in an idiosyncratic interaction with CEO Insights Asia magazine, Sumi shares the imperious details of her journey as one of the influencing leaders in the industry. Let’s hear it from her.

What roles and responsibilities do you shoulder as the CPO and Co-Founder of Dawak?

As a Co-Founder, I've been instrumental in defining Dawak’s core values, goals, products, and business model, highlighting my entrepreneurial mindset. Overseeing the entire product lifecycle, I've guided ideation, design, testing, cost analysis, and promotion, reflecting a comprehensive approach.

Notable achievements include spearheading DawakOS and DawakBot which enables pharmacy automation, and Dawak AI for personalized recommendations. Dawak Microbeads, a premium supplement brand is the first microbead brand to enter the Dubai supplement market and it reflects my commitment to innovation. Personalized packaging solutions like Dawak MedCards and Simple Sachets underscore my dedication to user-centric design.

As the CPO, what quality control measures have you adopted in the company helping to deliver the best quality products in the industry?

A crucial step involves an all-encompassing quality assurance process throughout the product journey, from inception to obsolescence. Under my leadership, rigorous testing protocols have been established, including iterative assessments within the product lifecycle, and meticulous post-production checks. I've fostered a culture of continuous enhancement by promoting cross-functional collaboration, using regular quality reviews and feedback loops to pinpoint areas for improvement, maintaining current product quality, and fueling future innovations.

By engaging users actively, we gain insights into real-world performance, enabling essential adjustments, prioritized features, and improved user experiences. Our automated testing frameworks ensure consistent evaluations across product iterations, minimizing human error, optimizing efficiency, and boosting accuracy.

Tell us about your leadership approach. What are the methodologies that you follow as a leader?

My leadership approach rests on guiding principles that foster innovation, collaboration, and growth. I believe in leading by example; and cultivating an environment that empowers team members to excel. I motivate teams to embrace challenges, acquire new skills, and lead by personal growth because I believe that continuous learning is critical.

Adaptive leadership thrives on flexibility, resilience, and openness to change in today's dynamic business landscape. While valuing collaboration, I prioritize results by setting goals, monitoring progress, and offering constructive feedback.

What is the future destination you are heading towards?

My trajectory is driven by a profound aspiration to revolutionize the Health & Wellness and Technology sectors in Dubai and the UAE. I envision reshaping these industries through innovation, disrupting norms, and crafting products that redefine the pharmacy and supplement with transformative automated solutions. Leveraging my data science expertise, I strive to pioneer advancements, propelling Dubai as a global tech hub with groundbreaking user-centric products. Beyond business, my philanthropic goal involves uplifting communities in Bangladesh through microfinance, job creation, and improved well-being.

In light of your strong experience within the industry, what advice would you give to budding industry leaders?

Based on my industry experience, I would advise emerging leaders to prioritize continuous learning to adapt to evolving landscapes and position themselves as a leader. Nurture strong relationships through networking, fostering collaborations and growth opportunities. Embrace innovation to stand out by challenging norms and take calculated risks. Adaptability is essential so, welcome change and view challenges as growth opportunities. Empower your team by providing guidance, support, and autonomy. Prioritize well-being for effective leadership and give back through mentorship and philanthropy.

Sumi Mahmud, Co-Founder & CPO/CTO. Dawak

Sumi started her professional career as a journalist and later entered UIUX and product management having worked at companies in the US, UK, and UAE. She was head of product at Microsoft gold partner firm DNS in the US. She completed her higher education in the US, graduating Summa Cum Laude with her Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design and a Master's in Data Science from Mercyhurst University. She is the founder of two startups, NASH Cleaners in the UAE and NAGA Inc. in Bangladesh, and is currently the Co-Founder and CPO/CTO at Dawak. Highly driven and entrepreneurial, Sumi combines her data science and product expertise to lead impactful products. She believes in building brands that resonate deeply with customers and offer outstanding and impactful solutions.


Favorite Hobbies- Travelling and exploring new cultures and flavors

Favorite Books- Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

Favorite Travel Destination- Shanghai, Beijing, London, Normandy

Awards and Recognition- National Gold ADDY Award by the American Advertising Awards, Data science research paper on Automated Prediction of Voter’s Party Affiliation Using AI, published in Springer Nature Switzerland AG. Published author of Beacon of Hope, a narrative on microfinance activities in Bangladesh – written at the age of 19 and the publication is now available in 13 libraries including Harvard, Princeton, Library of Congress, and others. Bangladesh – written at the age of 19 and the publication is now available in 13 libraries including Harvard, Princeton, Library of Congress, and others.

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