Supattra Sukarom: Leading Transformation For Growth, Innovation & Sustainability, Whilst Building High Performing Teams In The Supply Chain

Supattra Sukarom: Leading Transformation For Growth, Innovation & Sustainability, Whilst Building High Performing Teams In The Supply Chain

Supattra Sukarom, Senior Director

Supattra Sukarom

Senior Director

Supply chain management, often hailed as the backbone of global commerce, plays a pivotal role in enhancing lives by facilitating access to vital goods, services, and intelligence. From nutritious food and life-saving medicines to the advanced technologies that simplify daily tasks, the supply chain acts as an enabler, ensuring that life's essentials and conveniences are readily available to people around the world. At the same time, it creates a values chain of data insights which can be used to drive growth, support business decision making snd identify opportunities to optimize the end to end.

Leading the way in this transformative landscape is Supattra Sukarom, Senior Director, Group Supply Chain innovation at DKSH. With extensive professional experience spanning more than two decades, Supattra spearheads the supply chain function across the globe, advancing DKSH's purpose of enriching people's lives. Her proactive and driven leadership, grounded in strategic acumen and team empowerment, has supported the achievements of many of the organisation that she has worked for and firmly established her as an industry trailblazer.

Give a brief about your professional journey so far and what motivates your daily routines?

I am an experienced Supply Chain Leader with a comprehensive understanding of end-to-end supply chain processes, working across diverse locations such as Thailand, Hong Kong, and Singapore. I earned my Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Assumption University of Thailand. Following that, I embarked on a journey with Kuehne + Nagel Asia Pacific Management where my passion for logistics propelled me to pursue simultaneous work and studies, culminating in obtaining a master's degree in Business Management from Mahidol University.

I progressed through various roles at Kuehne + Nagel, including regional key account positions in Hong Kong. I then joined Panalpina in Singapore, driving regional business development for their solutions team. Subsequently, I expanded my horizons at DKSH, focusing on best-in-class inventory management, optimisation and digitisation of warehouse management and transportation together with driving greater sustainability. My motivation lies in exploring new ways of bringing efficiencies, providing solutions to our customers, and driving innovation in the supply chain.

I truly believe that if you have passion & commitment for what you want to achieve, you will not only succeed but you also excel

What unique experiences and learning did you gain from Mahidol University in Thailand?

My experience at Mahidol University in Thailand offered a range of unique opportunities that extended well beyond academics. The campus environment was remarkably diverse, comprising classmates from various backgrounds. This diversity enriched our learning as we gained insights not just from academic coursework, but also from our peers' distinct perspectives. Our close interactions during that time have persisted, and I still maintain connections with both classmates and professors from Mahidol University. The University also provided comprehensive programs, such as the double degree partnership with the Universities in Australia. This collaboration allowed us to study in both locations, benefiting from the expertise of professors from different parts of the world.

In your current role, how do you ensure your strategies drive operational and strategic improvements in the company?

In my current role, I ensure that my strategies drive operational and strategic improvements by emphasizing three essential aspects: people, process, and systems. Firstly, building a capable team with the necessary capabilities and resources is crucial for successful change implementation. Secondly, establishing robust processes and governance mechanisms ensures the effectiveness of any transformation. Lastly, leveraging technology, digitalization and automation through systems aids in transformation and delivering operational excellence. These three elements constitute the foundation of my strategy deployment, enabling successful improvements and transformation within the company.

How do you identify development opportunities in the market?

Identifying development opportunities in the market involves closely monitoring market demand and trends. In the Asia Pacific region, diverse industries experience uptrend at different times – for instance, healthcare and E-commerce during the pandemic. Post-pandemic, the consumer goods sector presents new opportunities based on evolving consumer behaviors and product preferences. Challenges, such as unforeseen events like the pandemic, can also spark business prospects. As a leader, I navigate these opportunities and challenges by adjusting our business strategy with an agile approach to align with market trends.

Could you describe your leadership approach, including the guidelines you follow, and share your envisioned future destination?

My leadership approach is centered on the principle of creating more leaders. I aim to nurture and shape the next generation of leaders. Delivering first class results with an empathetic mindset serve as my guiding North Star, driving my actions and decisions. My belief is that by fostering leadership qualities in others, we collectively contribute to a stronger and more capable team, ultimately leading to greater success and growth. My future destination is defined by my aspiration to be recognized as a distinguished female Asian leader who brings about meaningful and positive change. My vision extends beyond the realm of business and encompasses a holistic approach that includes cultural and societal perspectives.

In the business arena, I envision myself leading transformative initiatives that drive growth, innovation, and sustainability. I am committed to fostering an environment where innovative strategies and forwardthinking approaches thrive; ultimately contributing to the success and expansion of the organizations I am involved with.

Supattra Sukarom, Senior Director, Supply Chain Management

Supattra Sukarom, an experienced leader in global logistics as well as regional and local supply chain management, is celebrated for her consistent success in exceeding business goals. Her mastery of strategic analysis, building strong & capable teams and creating productive working environments showcase her exceptional leadership abilities.

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