Takashi Maruyama: A Seasoned Leader Bringing A Wealth Of Expertise To Meet The Changing Requirements Of Customers

Takashi Maruyama: A Seasoned Leader Bringing A Wealth Of Expertise To Meet The Changing Requirements Of Customers

Takashi Maruyama , Managing Executive Officer & Chief Investment Officer

Takashi Maruyama

Managing Executive Officer & Chief Investment Officer

 Leaders with a wealth of financial experience can bring a lot to the table for an asset management firm. They have a deep knowledge of market tendencies and concerns, an extensive network of professional connections, and a social value in the financial world. Through these connections, they are in a position to offer customers individualized solutions and gain access to exceptional business possibilities. Their years of practice also provide assurance and steadiness, both of which are essential in the ever-changing financial sector. Asset Management One's Managing Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer, Takashi Maruyama, is a perfect example of such a leader.

Takashi Maruyama has worked in the financial sector for over 30 years, making him an expert in his area. Asset Management One is one of Japan's leading asset management firms offering a broad and diverse range of bespoke investment strategies and ESG solutions. Takashi oversees the firm's investment strategy development and implementation across equities, fixed income, and alternative investments. Takashi plays a crucial part in the development and growth of the company owing to his deep understanding of market trends and extensive knowledge of customer requirements. Below is an excerpt of Takashi Maruyama’s exclusive interaction with the CEO Insights ASIA magazine.

What is the motivation that fuels your daily routines?

The satisfaction of exceeding my client's expectations drives me to build a better team. Therefore, I believe that positivity, a strong sense of ownership, and an optimistic outlook define who I am. In addition, I'm highly driven to help nurture professionals who can bring tangible benefits to clients. These are the things that motivate me to carry out the responsibilities that come with each day.

You possess about three decades of experience, how has been your path to success?

Throughout my 30-year career in the finance industry, I have had the opportunity to work in various roles that have contributed to my responsibilities today. I started as a banker and later worked with several seasoned fund managers, where I established a US equity return forecast model using the quantitative model with a qualitative overlay. Building on this experience, I became a US equity fund manager and expanded my expertise to include Japanese equity.

I believe that positivity, a strong sense of ownership, & an optimistic outlook define who I am

In 2006, while I was working for a company, I was responsible for managing alternative products such as option/convertible bond arbitrage and global macro strategy. This gave me the chance to broaden my knowledge beyond equities and explore fixed income and currency. Furthermore, since 2015, I have been engaged in ESG integration and Impact investment with bottom-up fundamental research capabilities. These experiences have been instrumental in my professional growth, and I continue to strive for new challenges and opportunities to expand my skill set.

As the CIO, what are the major factors you take into consideration while developing investment strategies and policies to contribute to the business strategy?

To develop a successful strategy, three crucial factors must be considered. Firstly, having a competitive edge is crucial to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Secondly, it is important to have a strong conviction in the ability to consistently deliver outcomes that meet the client's expectations. This unwavering belief in oneself is key to building trust and long-term relationships with clients. Lastly, simplicity is a vital component of a successful strategy. It is important to be able to explain complex investment strategies clearly and concisely so that can be easily understood by clients. A product or strategy that cannot be explained in just three minutes is likely to be complicated and may not be a good fit for clients. By keeping these three factors in mind when developing a strategy, one can ensure that it will be effective and successful in meeting clients' needs and expectations.

What are the future market opportunities that you look forward to investing your time in to reach your goals?

Our new strategy involves investing in unlisted companies, which we believe provides a better opportunity for generating returns for our clients. By investing in these companies before they become public, we can hold onto these securities for longer and provide our clients with a better lead on investment opportunities. We plan to launch this fund soon and are confident that it will be a great success. We believe that this approach will provide our clients with a competitive edge and enable us to exceed their expectations consistently. We are committed to creating long-term value for our clients, and we believe that investing in unlisted companies is a key component of our strategy.

Takashi Maruyama, Managing Executive Officer & CIO, Asset Management One

Takashi, a 30-year veteran of the finance sector in Japan, is a leading figure in his field. Starting as the Portfolio Manager at IBJ Whitehall Bank and Trust Company, Takashi has since worked for other asset management firms like DIAM Asset Management, Nikko Asset Management Group, and Fidelity International.

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