Tan Lay Seong: An Exemplary Leader & Innovator in the Insurance Advisory Industry

Tan Lay Seong: An Exemplary Leader & Innovator in the Insurance Advisory Industry

 Tan Lay Seong,     CEO

Tan Lay Seong


An effective business leader plays a crucial role in defining the company's vision, fostering a positive corporate culture, and driving innovation. CEO of Great Ideals Group, Tan Lay Seong's professional journey commenced as a life insurance advisor in 1995 while pursuing studies in the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at the National University of Malaysia (UKM). With an unwavering dedication to the industry, Tan Lay Seong rapidly climbed the ranks, achieving remarkable success. Notably, he earned accolades such as Malaysia's National Champion of Group Sales Manager for five consecutive years and played a significant role in Great Eastern's hundred years of record.

While technology deployment is accelerating the transformation of the FM industry, it must be complemented with a skilled and motivated workforce to ensure the impact is maximised and sustainable. A digital mindset does not merely encompass technological skills and learning, it also includes the right mindset to embrace change and unlock new possibilities. Managing change and supporting employees to upskill is fundamental to the success of Smart FM. Without it, employees may fear change and be reluctant to adopt innovation if they are concerned about how technology may disrupt their job security.

Beyond the corporate realm, Tan Lay Seong is actively involved in charitable activities and holds leadership positions in Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs). Notably, he serves as the National President of the Malaysia Entrepreneurs' Development Association (PUMM), demonstrating his commitment to making a positive impact beyond the business world. As a recognized speaker and author, Tan Lay Seong strives to innovate and elevate the insurance advisory industry.

Let’s hear more from him.

Can you share insights into the distinctive offerings of the University Kebangsaan Malaysia and elaborate on the non-academic lessons gained from the campus experience?

Actively participating in student societies and engaging in various university activities exposed me to real-world instances of leadership. This involvement encompassed aspects like project planning, guiding, sourcing, and team-building, contributing significantly to the development of essential soft skills and social competencies for the future. Additionally, it honed communication skills and fostered connections with diverse stakeholders.

An illustrative example from my time at UKM is my active role in organizing Pesta Tanglung UKM, one of the largest events orchestrated by the student body. This event not only united students within UKM but also drew participants from other local universities. The enduring success of Pesta Tanglung UKM speaks to its significance within the university. These experiences broadened my understanding of how individuals and teams can excel by leveraging each person's strengths, culminating in the creation of a cohesive and successful organization. The valuable lessons learned during my tenure at UKM, particularly through event organization and collaboration with diverse individuals, have undoubtedly played a pivotal role in shaping my character and prepared me for the person I am today.

How would you define Great Ideals Group as an organization and its current position in the market?

Great Ideals Group stands as a trailblazer in the insurance advisory industry, aspiring to be the industry's role model. Our commitment to core values Integrity, Professionalism, Ahead of The Rest, and Model of Excellence guides our daily operations. Rooted in Love, Acknowledge, Gratitude, and Contribute, our holistic approach extends to our team, clients, and the industry. With a relentless pursuit of excellence, we occupy a distinguished position in the market, setting new benchmarks and exemplifying leadership in the insurance advisory sector.

Describe your leadership approach and the principles you adhere to as a leader. What drives your daily routines?

I advocate leading by example, asserting that genuine leaders not only issue directives but also demonstrate the way forward. With over three decades in the insurance advisory industry, I maintain handson involvement, actively participating in sales and presentations to reinforce fundamental principles.

Taking on the responsibility of a role model for emerging talents, I view this profession as a lifelong journey. Setting ambitious goals for my advisors, I aim to push them beyond their limits, envisioning them as future leaders who surpass even my achievements. Serving as the National President of PUMM complements my leadership journey, providing insights from other leaders and emphasizing the importance of continuous learning for ongoing development.

My daily rituals are powered by a deep motivation grounded in my humble origins. Beyond personal success, my passion lies in cultivating excellence within the insurance industry, shaping a generation of professionals. The aspiration to create value for the industry is a compelling force. I aim to be a person of influence, fostering positive changes not just in the insurance sector but also within society and our country as a whole.

How do you stay informed about ongoing industry trends to guide your organization into the future?

Remaining at the forefront of industry trends is pivotal for steering our organization toward the future. Embracing the principle of continuous learning, I position myself as a frontline figure in the insurance advisory sector. Actively engaging in industry events and fostering strong relationships with stakeholders, I stay abreast of evolving strategies and industry dynamics. By nurturing professional networks, our team remains consistently updated and well-versed in industry changes. Our commitment to continuous learning aligns with core values of integrity, professionalism, staying ahead of the rest, and striving for model excellence. At Great Ideals, we regularly assess and enhance our training and development approach during quarterly meetings, ensuring our strategies adapt to the evolving needs of different generations while upholding industry values and principles.

What is the future destination you are heading towards?

Great Ideals envisions a future shaped by corporate techniques and technology, facilitating dynamic growth aligned with contemporary trends. The goal is to evolve into a sustainable, expansive team transcending traditional insurance advisory services. Alongside core competencies, the focus extends to offering a comprehensive suite of solutions like estate planning and group insurance benefits. The ambition is to position Great Ideals among the elite, renowned for top-notch services and professionalism. By leveraging advanced techniques and technology, the aim is not only to keep pace with industry changes but to proactively lead, defining a future marked by excellence and innovation.

Tan Lay Seong, CEO, Great Ideals Group

Tan Lay Seong, CEO of Great Ideals Group, began as a life insurance advisor in 1995, achieving notable success, including Malaysia's National Champion of Group Sales Manager. His dedication extends to talent cultivation, breaking industry records with a team approaching RM100 Million Annual First Year Premium. Active in charities and as National President of PUMM, he's a recognized speaker and author, innovating the insurance advisory industry, showcasing his qualities as an effective and visionary CEO.

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