Wawan Riswanto: On A Mission To Leave A Positive Impact On The Asian Mining Industry

Wawan Riswanto: On A Mission To Leave A Positive Impact On The Asian Mining Industry

Wawan Riswanto, Director & Chief Technical Officer

Wawan Riswanto

Director & Chief Technical Officer

The mining industry in Asia is one of the most significant contributors to the global mining industry. As a crucial sector, it generates employment opportunities and contributes to economic growth in several countries. Wawan Riswanto, the Director and Chief Technical Officer at PT J Resources Nusantara, is making a positive impact in Asia's significant mining industry with his expertise. With a degree in Mine Engineering from the Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB) and more than 29 years of experience in resource and reserve development, strategic planning, and life of mine planning, he ensures that PT J Resources Nusantara operates sustainably as an innovative mining company. Check out the snippets from our recent interaction with Wawan Riswanto.

Could you briefly describe your professional experience?

I began my career in May 1994 at PT Indo Muro, an Australian gold mining company located in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. In 1997, I joined Newmont Mining Corporation and worked at the Mesel Site in Minahasa, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. In mid-2002, I transferred to the Batu Hijau Site in Sumbawa, Nusa Tenggara Barat, Indonesia. During my time at Newmont, I had the opportunity to work at various Mine Site Operations in Nevada and Ghana's Ahafo Operation, as well as a short assignment at the company's headquarters in Denver. In 2007 I joined Minera Yanacocha, Peru with the last position as the Manager Mine Engineering, where I supervised both expatriates and Peruvian employees. In August 2015, I returned to Indonesia and joined J Resources Nusantara as the Head of Mine Engineering. I was later promoted to GM of Technical Services in late 2018, Vice President of Technical Services in early 2020, and ultimately appointed as Director and Chief Technical Officer in mid-2022. My professional journey has involved a range of roles, from project engineer to financial and leadership positions in mining, covering areas such as dewatering engineering, drilling and blasting, mining operations, planning (short-term, medium-term, long-term, and strategic), and reserve estimation and reporting.

We prioritize the safety, health & environmental impact of our operations & prioritize our people, community relations, & inclusivity

Can you share your leadership style and the factors that have contributed to your success thus far?

In my view, honesty, dedication, and reliability are crucial components of effective leadership. It's important for us to follow through on commitments and maintain a positive outlook, tackling any obstacles as a team. I also believe in identifying and assessing risks and taking steps to mitigate them to an acceptable level. In addition, I always strive to seek out opportunities and weigh them against potential risks.


How would you describe PT J Resources Nusantara as a company and its market position?

PT J Resources Nusantara is an innovative mining company with a mission to explore, extract, and replicate success. Despite having limited resources able to grow and expand through the efforts of our team. Our focus is on maximizing production while simultaneously discovering and converting resources into optimal reserves, which we then mine and recover in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Overall, we aim to be a competitive player in the mining market.

When formulating long-term strategies, what criteria do you consider?

We base our long-term strategies on our values and objectives, ensuring they align with our capabilities and integrating them accordingly. We prioritize a culture of data-driven, lean, agile, and thorough work as a foundation for our long-term strategies.

Can you discuss your experience in managing project operations, specifically in dealing with technical issues, and the industry's best practices that guide your approach?

The mining industry is a complex and high-risk business that requires careful consideration of all aspects. Optimization is a key focus, including maximizing resources and converting them into reserves, optimizing design, phases, and sequencing, as well as refining mining and processing operations to reduce costs. Sustainability is also paramount, and we adhere to the best practice of having all necessary permits and legal requirements in place before operating or executing a project.

How do you lead your team to ensure customer satisfaction throughout the project execution process?

At the heart of our business is Technical Service, and we emphasize to our team that the success of our products and results will significantly impact our business's sustainability, license to operate, and economics. Before beginning any work, we ensure that our team has a comprehensive understanding of the task, including the goals and objectives, processes, procedures, and expectations. This approach ensures that we are delivering high-quality work that meets or exceeds our customers' expectations throughout the project lifecycle.

Where do you envision yourself heading in the upcoming years, and what is your future plan?

When I returned to my home country, I made a commitment to developing the best mining company in the region. My future plan is to continue building the company as a great place that benefits our employees, shareholders, and stakeholders. In the coming years, our focus is on ensuring that our new Mine Site Project achieves its target of delivering the first gold production by early next year. Additionally, we will continue exploring the near-mine region to add significant resources and reserves to our existing projects. Ultimately, we aim to grow the company and become a medium-sized gold producer.

Wawan Riswanto, Director & Chief Technical Officer, PT. J Resources Nusantara

Wawan Riswanto born in Cirebon, Indonesia, has a degree in Mine Engineering from the Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB). He worked for more than 29 years in the Mining Industry, especially on the Resource and Reserve Development and Growth, Strategic Plan, and Life of Mine Plan. Currently as the Director and Chief Technical Officer at PT J Nusantara, an Indonesian Gold Mining Company, as the Competent Person Indonesia and a member of AusIMM, a Registered Member of SME, and a Member of Perhapi and PII (Persatuan Insinyur Indonesia).

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