Yovineda Brilliano: Helping Businesses Grow By Providing Creative Media Support

Yovineda Brilliano: Helping Businesses Grow By Providing Creative Media Support

Yovineda Brilliano , Managing Director

Yovineda Brilliano

Managing Director

Today, whether it is mainstream media or local media agencies, people expect to get authentic information in the most creative way. With the vision of excellence in quality and providing standard operation, Media Muscle was founded by Yovineda Brilliano in the year 2012. The company is one of the growing local communications companies in 2017 with expertise in communication planning, media, production, and digital, to name a few.

Yovineda Brilliano has completed his bachelor’s degree in Faculty of Communication majoring Public Relation from the University of Padjadjaran-Bandung, Indonesia. He started his professional career as Media Specialist at Universal McCann Indonesia and went on to become Managing Director of the Media Muscle. He carries more than two decades of experience in the media industry which helped him to start a media agency of his own. Yovineda Brilliano engages in an exclusive interaction with CEO Insight, let’s read.

Tell us about your leadership approach and what has been your success mantra.

I’ve built my leadership by creating an effective chain of command in a team and making leaders not only responsible for the work process but also responsible for the growth of their team member’s capabilities. A perfect balance of work hard and a good vibe of the environment is a must-have to apply in the system. I’ve been always motivating my team leader to continuously listen to the problems as well as inspire their team members.

My success mantra is very simple, that is being agile, open-minded, and always happy which has also become my company culture.

Define Media Muscle as an organization and its position in the market.

Media Muscle Indonesia is a very credible local agency powered by a perfect mixture of experienced key persons and young-agile talents. We have a very solid understanding of the market, and strong capabilities in terms of media, and creative execution. With these three key factors, we can become one of the very known local agencies in the market, and we are very confident when we have to face a big multinational agency on a pitch. Also, because of our excellent track record, we have been offered to join a global network of independent local agencies which only avail for one agency in each country, and we already are a member of that network since 2018.

What factors do you look into when developing effective corporate growth strategies?

The first factor is always talent, where the board of directors and I have decided to conduct a talent development program on a yearly basis. The second factor is the flexible agency service fee which we keep according to the client’s need and the total number of hours of service required. The next factor is one of our key policies that we’ve implemented especially during the pandemic time which is a collaboration not only with related vendors but also with other agencies, government bodies, and even with local key opinion leaders outside big cities. Finally, we consider end-toend service to the client as a factor for our growth strategies.

Constant learning environment leads to great success

What are the methods you have implemented to foster a learning culture in your team? Tell us about the latest trends that have been adopted so far.

Generally, I have two pillars to enhance my team's knowledge about the latest industry updates. The first is sharing and learning sessions where I encourage each of my team members to share their findings and learning of any relevant topics from their surrounding environment in front of me and other team members. Second is a small workshop by the expert or practitioners where we invite industry experts monthly to give insights, learning, and best practice that can be very valuable to my team to expand their knowledge.

To align with the massive digital penetration trend in this market, since last year we adopted the working method that we called hybrid talents capabilities. I make sure that all talents oblige to have digital media knowledge no matter their work field such as media, creative, and strategic planning part.

How are you planning to contribute towards the company’s growth, and which are the market opportunities you plan to help the company invest in? What is your advice to upcoming leaders in this domain?

When we talk about the advertising landscape, we might find a similar pattern that happened since the first advertising agency was made. The only difference we encounter is the type of people because people change their behavior and the way they communicate and share their messages. The Advertising agency should cleverly adopt any trend and smartly select a type of audience they need to reach by understanding their behavior, attitude, and beliefs in their lives. What I am doing now in Media Muscle aside of engage my team with the latest trend or technology, is looking for new opportunities to connect with consumers who are in small business niches. I have made a strategic plan to connect more deeply to these small businesses and positioned my company as their trustable partner in communication.

My advice is very simple- leaders need to listen, absorb the latest technology and communication trends, and dare to smartly find other potential business sources.

Yovineda Brilliano, Managing Director, Media Muscle

Yovineda has a proven track record in the Media industr. Before founding Media Muscle, he worked with various industries such as Hakuhodo, Mindshare Indonesia, and Starcom Publicis Indonesia.

• Hobbies: Soccer & Movies

• Favorite Cuisine: Rendang

• Favorite Book: The Insanity of Advertising by Fred S. Goldberg

• Favorite Travel Destination: Spain and the Mediterranean



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