AuCom MCS GmbH & Co Announces Construction of VFD production Unit in Sendenhorst, Germany


In Sendenhorst, Germany, AuCom MCS GmbH Co. KG is excited to inform the public that construction on their Medium Voltage VFD production building has begun. CEO of AuCom Global Solution Thomas Zirk explained the expansion will enable them to produce 1200 units of MV VFDs annually, up from their present capacity of 300 units. The cutting-edge infrastructure will help them meet market demand for their products and ensure that they do so. 

The most recent production plant is situated among the large office and manufacturing complexes of AuCom in Sendenhorst, Germany. AuCom sees this move as a way to satisfy the expanding demand of its domestic and international clients. The end of 2023 will see the completion of this large-scale undertaking.

With its air-cooled and water-cooled VFDs, AuCom Germany offers MV drives with voltages from 2.3 kV to 13.8 kV and power ratings of up to 25,000 kW. AuCom aims to maintain the quality and dependability they are recognized for, which allows them to serve all significant industrial areas, after expanding their production facility. AuCom additionally aims to design and properly fit the market clientele's genuine requirements to increase energy efficiency and performance in any industrial application or any construction worldwide.
The enthusiasm continues as AuCom increases its production capacity and welcomes fresh faces to the production team. We'll shortly announce the hiring of new talented, effective, and well-rounded people. The company has had a lot of opportunities this year, not only in terms of offering the best and nicest VFDs but also in terms of giving more opportunities to talents around the world. 

Thomas Zirk, Managing Director, AuCom Germany, said, “AuCom will be USD 100 million company by 2028 “. AuCom drives manufactured in Germany will contribute to world’s energy efficiency goal across a multitude of industries, buildings, and infrastructure worldwide,” he added.

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