GoDaddy Partners with du To Assist SMEs Digitize In the UAE


GoDaddy Inc., a business that supports thriving entrepreneurs, is pleased to announce a partnership with du, a product of Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC). By offering them critical connection options and facilitating their online presence, this new alliance and collaboration aims to empower business owners and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).

Connectivity and a strong online presence are essential for organizations to succeed in the modern digital era. GoDaddy and du have teamed up to offer a package of services that are specifically suited to the needs of startups, entrepreneurs, SMEs, and solopreneurs in response to this need. Through this cooperation, companies in the UAE now have access to a variety of digital tools and connectivity to help them get started on their online journey.

The potent E-commerce Starter Kit offered by GoDaddy forms the basis of this alliance. Godaddy's beginning kit will be provided free of charge for one year to all SMEs who subscribe to du's internet services, opening up a world of possible prospects. Du offers premium 5G and fiber internet solutions that meet the connection needs of small businesses for those wishing to advance their digital presence. Businesses may realize their full potential and take advantage of the various opportunities provided by the digital world by utilizing the power of the GoDaddy Digital Starter Kit and du's internet services.


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