Abu Dhabi Declares Its Falcon 40B AI Model Open Source


The government's Advanced Technology Research Council (ATRC) announced that the emirate of Abu Dhabi is making the massive artificial intelligence model "Falcon 40B" available as open source for research and commercial use.

VentureOne, the commercial investment arm of ATRC, declared that it will support any workable concepts generated by the programme.

The Technology Innovation Institute (TII), a research centre inside ATRC, created Falcon 40B, a fundamental large language model (LLM) with 40 billion parameters and one trillion tokens of training data.

Applications like OpenAI's ChatGPT bot are powered by generative AI models.

"TII is providing access to the model's weights as a more comprehensive open-source package," ATRC said. "While the majority of LLMs have granted exclusive licences solely to non-commercial users, TII has taken a key stride in offering researchers and commercial users access to the Falcon 40B LLM."

The capital of the United Arab Emirates, a union of seven emirates, is Abu Dhabi. The government of Abu Dhabi has significantly expanded its technology sector in recent years, particularly by establishing the G42 AI and cloud computing firm and the EDGE defensive technology organisation.

"We wanted to contribute to the community, to accelerate the use of AI," ATRC Secretary General Faisal Al Bannai told Reuters. Bannai is also EDGE's chairman.

A TII director named Ebtesam Almazrouei stated that the organisation wants to assist the application of generative AI not only in chatbots but also in engineering, healthcare, suitability, and coding.

Concerns about how the technology could result in privacy violations, scams, and defamation campaigns have intensified as businesses globally compete to promote AI solutions in recent months.

"Deploying these platforms on their own parameters, to train, means we don't have access to the data going into these platforms," Bannai said when asked about privacy concerns regarding the Falcon model.

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