Alibaba Joins the World Business Council for Sustainable Development


aliAlibaba Group Holding Limited recently became a member of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), joining more than 200 prominent sustainable businesses. Their primary focus will be on Climate Action, aiming to utilize Alibaba's platforms creatively to significantly reduce carbon emissions. Collaborating with WBCSD members, they will prioritize developing innovative strategies within the Avoided Emissions framework and methodologies.

"We're excited to have Alibaba Group join WBCSD. Their dedication to advancing sustainability and reducing carbon emissions aligns with our vision of a world where 9 billion people thrive within ecological limits. As the largest e-commerce and digital technology company in Asia joining WBCSD, Alibaba's valuable platforms and technological capabilities will greatly contribute to our collaborative endeavors", stated Peter Bakker, President and CEO of WBCSD.

Toby Xu, Chief Financial Officer of Alibaba Group and Chair of the Group's Sustainability Steering Committee, remarked, "Alibaba remains committed to responsible corporate conduct and environmental stewardship. We aim to partner across industries to generate enduring and significant value for our stakeholders. Our collaboration with WBCSD reflects our enthusiasm for advancing climate actions and other initiatives that drive us toward a sustainable and net-zero future".

Alibaba Group, a multifaceted ecosystem serving over a billion users and millions of small businesses, operates with a global workforce spanning over 60 countries and regions. ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) forms a fundamental strategy for Alibaba. They not only seek to achieve their own sustainability objectives but also empower consumers, merchants, and partners to foster positive social and environmental impacts through their platform.

Alibaba has committed to achieving carbon neutrality in its operations by 2030 and introduced a Scope 3+ target. The 'Scope 3+' concept focuses on utilizing its digital technology and platforms to involve a broader array of stakeholders in promoting low-carbon products, services, and behaviors. As of the fiscal year ending in March 2023, Alibaba has successfully reduced Scope 3+ emissions by 22.907 million MtCO2e.

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