Allfunds Agrees Partnership With Endowus To Develop New, Fully integrated And Automated Digital Fund Brokerage Platform


Endowus and Allfunds have partnered to provide individual and institutional investors with access to top-tier investment products through a seamless and digitally enabled experience, in a timely and cost-effective manner.

To complement its no-fee, zero commission business model in Hong Kong, Endowus has created a distinctive, proprietary fund brokerage platform. This platform demonstrates Endowus' dedication to technological advancement and innovation. Its main advantages are its ability to handle several investment orders concurrently and on a big scale, as well as its speed, accuracy, and transparency.

As a key collaborator on this project, Allfunds contributes its digital fund distribution capabilities to improve the platform's functionality. A win-win relationship, utilising the capabilities of both sides, the seamless integration of Allfunds' features with Endowus' multi-broker, multi-currency, and multi-asset class platform helps to enhance and optimise financial transactions.

Through this collaboration with Allfunds, Endowus has been able to quickly and expertly select investment funds from the vast pool of fund houses that are accessible through the Allfunds platform, avoiding the time-consuming procedure of negotiating individual distribution agreements with each fund manager. To increase corporate velocity and scalability, this simplified digital process shortens the time-consuming onboarding process that involves due diligence and operational setups. As a result of Allfunds' digital infrastructure's connectivity and accessibility, Endowus is better able to offer its clients a smooth, digital experience throughout various investment lifecycles.

One of Endowus' standout features in Singapore and Hong Kong as a full-service wealth management platform is its self-serve fund platform, also known as Fund Smart, where clients may choose to invest in single mutual funds or create multi-fund portfolios. 

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