Alpaca Partners with Japan Firm SBI Group To Advance Business


The SBI Group, a financial services company based in Japan, has announced a new strategic partnership with Alpaca, a global brokerage platform for stock and cryptocurrency trading that supports the launch of hundreds of investing businesses globally. SBI is the second-largest brokerage firm in Japan by revenue and has more than 400 billion yen in assets under management for VC/PE investments. 

This partnership allows Alpaca to accelerate its expansion of businesses and extend its reach to enterprise financial institutions for the clearing and execution of US securities in Asia. As part of the new partnership, SBI has made a USD15 million investment in Alpaca. Additionally, SBI has agreed with Alpaca to make respective commitments to drive Alpaca’s future growth through collaborative business development efforts and introducing innovative products, as per business wire.

With a recent broker-dealer registration under the Japan FSA, Alpaca continues to devote efforts to growing its Asian business. With the help of this license in Japan, Alpaca will be able to simply offer US stock investing services to end users of business financial institutions and startups.

“We are thrilled to welcome SBI as our strategic partner and to deepen our footprint within the Asian region,” said Yoshi Yokokawa, Co-founder and CEO of Alpaca. “This partnership will significantly accelerate our mission of opening financial services to everyone on the planet. SBI’s strategic partner capital enables us to significantly increase our presence in the Asian region, accelerate serving enterprise financial institutions, and launch products and services optimized for local demands. We’re very excited to unlock this tremendous potential."

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