ArcelorMittal collaborates with IIT Madras to establish Hyperloop facility in Tamil Nadu


ArcelorArcelorMittal has announced a collaboration with the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, to construct the inaugural Hyperloop test track in Asia. The partnership involves ArcelorMittal and ArcelorMittal Nippon Steel India (AM/NS), offering essential steel materials, engineering, design, and project management assistance for building the Hyperloop test track. The facility will be established at IIT Madras' 163-acre Discovery campus situated in Thaiyur, Chennai's outskirts, marking a significant milestone in the region's transportation infrastructure.

ArcelorMittal is collaborating with IIT Madras's Avishkar Hyperloop student team and TuTr Hyperloop startup, both leading Hyperloop technology initiatives, along with the Ministry of Railways. The initiative involves providing 400 tonnes of steel by ArcelorMittal and AM/NS for constructing a 400-meter vacuum tube at the site. Engineers from AMDEC, ArcelorMittal's design and engineering division, will supervise the project. The Hyperloop test facility aims to commence operations by the conclusion of Q1, 2024.

The primary objective of the team is to advance and commercialize Hyperloop technologies for high-speed, cost-effective, dependable, and eco-friendly transportation, as highlighted in the released statement. ArcelorMittal's Chief Technology Officer, Pinakin Chaubal, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, emphasizing the significance of IIT Madras' technological advancements and TuTr Hyperloop's potential in spearheading the transformative mobility industry. He highlighted the pivotal role of steel in driving innovation within the Hyperloop ecosystem.

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