AWS Expands Cloud Infrastructure with New Region in Taiwan by 2025


AmazonAmazon Web Services (AWS) has announced plans to establish an infrastructure region in Taiwan by early 2025, marking a significant expansion driven by increasing demand for cloud services in the Asia-Pacific region. This move will further integrate Taiwan into AWS's global network of data centres, providing local businesses with access to a comprehensive suite of cloud services and enabling low-latency, high-speed data transmission.

AWS’s investment in Taiwan dates back to 2014, with the most recent highlight being the introduction of a second Local Zone in Taipei, as revealed in a May 2022 statement. The upcoming AWS Asia Pacific (Taipei) Region will enhance this infrastructure by opening large-scale data centres. These facilities will cater to the growing needs of Taiwanese enterprises, offering a full range of cloud services including computing, storage, databases, analytics, robotics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

AWS currently operates from 105 availability zones across 33 geographic regions worldwide. An AWS region comprises a cluster of interconnected data centres, while an availability zone is an isolated location within a region that provides redundant power, cooling, and security. This architecture ensures high availability and reliability for AWS customers. The new Taiwan region will enable developers, startups, companies, non-profits, and educational institutions, as well as businesses in entertainment and financial services, to deploy applications and serve users locally.

Notable Taiwanese companies such as Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing, Chunghwa Telecom, Cathay Financial Holding, Acer, Trend Micro, and Gamania Digital Entertainment are already leveraging AWS services for their operations. Prasad Kalyanaraman, AWS’s Vice President of Infrastructure Services, highlighted that the new Taiwan region will empower these and other businesses to fully utilize cloud technology and AWS’s extensive service offerings.

AWS’s expansion in Taiwan underscores its long-term commitment to the region, with plans to invest billions of dollars over the next 15 years. This investment reflects Taiwan’s strategic importance in AWS’s global growth plans and aligns with AWS’s broader efforts to enhance its presence in the Asia-Pacific.

In addition to the Taiwan announcement, AWS has been actively expanding across the Asia-Pacific. In March, AWS committed to investing at least $6 billion through 2037 to establish a new region in Malaysia. In October 2022, the company announced a $5 billion investment over 15 years for a new region in Thailand. These efforts followed the launch of the AWS Asia Pacific (Jakarta) Region in Indonesia in December 2021.

The Asia-Pacific region is experiencing a surge in cloud infrastructure investments from major tech firms. Google plans to invest $2 billion to build its first data centre and cloud region in Malaysia. Microsoft is also focusing on AI and cloud initiatives in Malaysia, alongside similar projects in Thailand and Indonesia, as part of its strategy to strengthen its footprint in Southeast Asia.

AWS maintains its leadership in the global cloud infrastructure market with a 31% share in the first quarter of 2024, according to Synergy Research Group. This places AWS ahead of competitors such as Microsoft’s Azure, which holds the second-largest market share. The ongoing investments in cloud infrastructure highlight the sector's critical role in the future of technology and digital transformation.

AWS’s decision to establish a new region in Taiwan is a pivotal step in its strategy to support the digital transformation of businesses across the Asia-Pacific. By providing advanced cloud services and local data storage, AWS aims to foster innovation and economic growth in Taiwan, reinforcing the island’s position as a crucial node in the global tech landscape.

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