AZ Asia-Pacific Join Hands with WatchTowr To Increase Security Posture For Companies Across ASEAN


AZ Asia-Pacific announced that it has teamed up with watchTowr to quickly improve the security posture of companies in the region by routinely checking for the same vulnerabilities that ransomware gangs and other online threats use. The watchTowr Platform, developed by Singapore-based watchTowr, combines Continuous Automated Red Teaming and Attack Surface Management (ASM) to stay one step ahead of attackers.

The watchTowr Platform helps organizations stay ahead of the attackers by combining full attack surface awareness with continuous security testing developed on years of expertise assisting banks, insurance, and governments defend themselves from ransomware gangs and aggressive attackers. The watchTowr Platform, which is completely external to any organization, acts like a real attacker by constantly imitating the aggression and persistence that are frequently displayed by real-world attackers. The watchTowr Platform has made it exceedingly simple for organizations of any size to quickly improve their security posture without the use of agents, deployments, or appliances.

"In a world where there are new vulnerabilities, new attacker tactics and techniques on a daily basis – it's vital that organisations can discover if they are affected by the latest vulnerabilities, before they are attacked. According to recent industry reports, the time between vulnerability announcement and in-the-wild exploitation can be as little as 6 hours.

As our primary distributor, AZ Asia-Pacific will help us expand local expertise and coverage across the various ASEAN markets. In order to provide our customers with superior service, we are dedicated to building a strong local presence. According to Benjamin Harris, CEO & Founder of watchTowr, "We are confident that this partnership will cement our position as the leading Attack Surface Management and Continuous Automated Red Teaming platform in the region given AZ Asia-Pacific's technical expertise and proven track records across various industries.

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