Bitay To Set Footprint in the UAE's Burgeoning Crypto Market

Bitay, a cryptocurrency platform from Turkey, is welcomed in the United Arab Emirates, has an outstanding 99% internet penetration rate. This action is consistent with the UAE's concentration on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies and its rising prominence as a major global digital center. Bitay, which was founded with funding from a government research grant, began operating in Turkey in 2018 and then expanded internationally in 2021. The platform provides services in several nations in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas and is authorized as a Money Services Business (MSB) in 16 US states.
Niyazi Yılmaz, General Manager of Bitay Technology, stated, “The UAE provides a stable regulatory environment for crypto exchanges. It will serve as more than just a market for Bitay; it will be our technology base, central to our global blockchain strategy.”
With more than 350 crypto assets, Bitay provides a broad portfolio. AEDD, a stable cryptocurrency tied to the AED, is exclusive to Bitay. It offers a little bid/ask price differential in an effort to give users a competitive edge. Yılmaz added, "AEDD is not just a stablecoin, but a testament to the investment and trust we place in the UAE's digital future." 
Bitay places a high priority on customer pleasure, a crucial distinction in a cutthroat business. Users may benefit from its Bitay+ loyalty program, which adjusts APR rates based on the user's level, low commission rates, tailored advertising, and even crypto staking. The platform also intends to start a campaign called "Advantageous 2nd Sales Period" to honor its arrival in the UAE and commemorate Bitay Coin's one birthday.

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