CHINT To Set Foot Print in the South Korea Market For Rapid Expansion


Leading provider of smart energy solutions CHINT has formally increased its smart energy and sustainability offerings to South Korea. The new office is led by a committed team of the finest scientists, engineers, and specialists in the sector who have the local knowledge to service the South Korean market and support businesses in their transition to sustainable solutions for their energy and resource needs.

With adaptable, practical, and high-quality goods and services, CHINT, a global provider of end-to-end solutions, helps organizations in the United States of America, Europe, West Asia and Africa, and Asia Pacific prosper. CHINT has been quickly extending their services throughout APAC for the past three years. The CHINT Asia Pacific Innovation Lab is housed in the Singapore office, which also serves as the Asia Pacific Headquarters. In 2022, CHINT opened offices in Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore.

The newest country in the region where CHINT APAC has a presence in South Korea. This represents yet another accomplishment in CHINT's ongoing commitment to working alongside its clients to help them meet their business and environmental objectives while improving production efficiency. Key industry sectors that CHINT helps include renewable energy, energy storage, electric vehicles (EV), and transmission and distribution.

The South Korean office includes a CHINT Experience Centre that exhibits solutions created using next-generation technology, including EV charging solutions, Digital Substation Solutions, Low-voltage Power Distribution Systems, and ESS technologies. These solutions range from the goods and services needed to create charging infrastructure to customer services and smart energy management solutions. With the help of this specially designed facility, CHINT's partners, stakeholders, and clients can get ideas from the solutions on exhibit and rethink innovation to discover remedies for their business problems. 

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