CJ Logistics Partners with NinjaVan to Expand Logistics in Southeast Asia


CJ Logistics has announced the signing of a customs clearance and delivery service agreement with NinjaVan. This move aims to bolster its logistics operations for Southeast Asian consumers purchasing Korean products via cross-border shopping.

Founded in Singapore in 2014, NinjaVan is a logistics firm offering customs clearance and delivery services across six Southeast Asian nations: Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Thailand. Leveraging cutting-edge digital technologies, the company boasts real-time transportation tracking systems for enhanced efficiency.

As per the agreement, Korean products housed in distribution centers within Korea will be transported across borders to Southeast Asian nations through CJ Logistics' air forwarding services. NinjaVan will handle customs clearance and delivery operations for these Korean goods upon arrival in each respective destination country.

CJ Logistics anticipates that partnering with NinjaVan will streamline the export of Korean merchandise to Southeast Asia, thereby establishing efficient cross-border shopping avenues for consumers seeking Korean products. Offering comprehensive logistics solutions, CJ Logistics aims to simplify the process for Korean sellers by providing end-to-end services from Korea to consumers in Southeast Asia. This approach alleviates the burden of sourcing and contracting with domestic and overseas customs agents and carriers for Korean sellers.

Furthermore, by potentially leveraging economies of scale through substantial transportation volumes in the future, CJ Logistics could alleviate the logistical cost burdens for cross-border shopping companies catering to consumers interested in purchasing Korean products, as opposed to conventional international express services.

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