Cloudera and Aboitiz Team Up to Boost Generative AI Innovation


Cloudera, a leading data company focusing on enterprise AI, has forged a strategic alliance with Aboitiz Data Innovation (ADI), a proactive entity specializing in data science and AI. By integrating Cloudera's robust hybrid data platform, catering to data, analytics, and AI, with ADI's extensive expertise in Apache Spark and successful track record in deploying AI-driven solutions, the partnership aims to empower financial services and industrial clients across the Asia Pacific region. ADI will offer consultancy and implementation services leveraging Cloudera software, focusing on enterprise AI/ML/AI Lab, as well as data governance and ethics, to facilitate effective operationalization of data science and AI across various business sectors.

Through the partnership with ADI, Cloudera will delve into leveraging powerful generative AI (GenAI) applications within its solutions, utilizing Accelerators for Machine Learning Projects (AMPs) and providing comprehensive examples to kickstart any enterprise's machine learning (ML)/GenAI development endeavors. These tailored solutions empower organizations to expedite and streamline the process of building, customizing, and deploying GenAI applications for targeted use cases. This encompasses various stages such as data ingestion, engineering, data lake architecture, data quality assurance, ML model development, application creation, and operational optimization.

“ADI will build GenAI solutions on Cloudera’s platform, helping customers turn AI hype into business reality”, said Remus Lim, Senior Vice President for Asia Pacific and Japan at Cloudera. “In addition to delivering powerful GenAI capabilities and performance to customers, the results of this partnership will empower enterprises to make more accurate and timely decisions, making data and advanced AI processes easier and faster across the enterprise, increasing revenue generation and optimizing cost. We look forward to supporting our customers in deploying AI at scale across the enterprise”.

“As we embark on this strategic partnership with Cloudera, we're ready to unlock new dimensions of excellence and value for our customers”, says Dr. David R. Hardoon, ADI Chief Executive Officer. “This aligns with our commitment at ADI to harness the power of data and AI for tangible business and sustainability outcomes. With Cloudera's robust data management capabilities and scalable machine learning platform, we're confident in accelerating the development and deployment of AI-powered solutions. Together, we'll empower our teams to extract actionable insights from data more effectively, pushing the boundaries of data innovation and enhancing our competitive edge in the digital era”. Cloudera and ADI’s collective capabilities will allow forward-thinking organizations to develop accretive GenAI solutions that can set them apart from their peers. 

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