Dubai Financial Market Delivers Indian Entrepreneurs Route To Gain Global Investment


The Dubai Financial Market (DFM) emerged as one of the world's most active venues for initial public offers (IPOs) and listings in 2022, despite numerous international stock markets seeing their worst declines in nearly a decade. Five prominent issuers in the private sector with ties to the Dubai government raised more than $8.42 billion last year, and their initial public offerings (IPOs) saw astounding oversubscriptions that attracted $182 billion in subscribed quantities.

And now, DFM has big plans to support businesses in the area on their path to growth with the launch of an IPO Accelerator Program - a move that also reflects a unique opportunity for India's startups to tap into the emirate's capital markets. DFM also has a healthy pipeline of activity planned for this year.

“We welcome Indian entrepreneurs to explore the immense potential that Dubai offers and consider DFM as a launchpad for their future success,” Hamed Ali, CEO of DFM and Nasdaq, said.

“Listing on DFM can provide them with enhanced exposure, access to international investors, and a gateway to expand their reach beyond borders. India has been recognized as a powerhouse for innovative startups, and over the past few years we have witnessed the remarkable growth of Indian companies expanding their operations to the UAE. With its geographical location, dynamic business environment, and access to diverse markets, Dubai presents unparalleled opportunities for Indian startups seeking further growth and global visibility.”

The goal of DFM's IPO Accelerator is to present a roadmap for startups and SMEs that includes knowledge of Dubai's business culture, regulatory environment, and financing opportunities for scaling businesses to an IPO. In order to assist firms in designing a personalized path to going public, the program will organize seminars and offer one-on-one meetings with key prospects. This will give them the information, assistance, and direction they need to consider a listing possibility.

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