Eformworks inks MoU with EFORM Asia to develop e-Signature business in Singapore and Malaysia


EForm Pte. Ltd., a Singapore-based provider of cloud-based technology solutions, and Eformworks Co., Ltd., a Seoul, South Korea-based software company that specialises in electronic signature technologies, have signed a historic Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to create a joint venture for WIDSIGN, a live video e-signing solution, in Singapore and to expand WIDSIGN's business to Singapore and Malaysia.

Under the terms of this agreement, the parties will work together to develop and launch collaborative sales and marketing initiatives to provide users with a Live Video e-Signing service that will elevate their electronic signature experience to a whole new level.

“Throughout the Pandemic, people are getting used to signing documents electronically,” said Rex Yu, CEO, eFormWorks. “However, existing email-based standard e-Signature is considered to be somewhat risky, especially for crucial agreements or high-risk/high-value contracts such as Real Estate. That’s where we started WIDSIGN, the Live Video e-Signing solution that enables users to see and talk to each other through video calls as well as signing online altogether.

Steven Lau, Managing Director of EFORM Asia, added “We are excited to collaborate with eFormWorks to develop the WIDSIGN business in the Singapore market. We believe this solution will greatly benefit users and contribute to the growth of the electronic signature technology industry in the region.”

One of the biggest IT events in the APAC area, Communic Asia 2023 in Singapore, will feature WIDSIGN in June.

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