Emirates NBD To Revolutionize Business Operations and Enhance productivity With Generative AI


Leading banking organization in the MENAT (Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey) area, Emirates NBD, has launched a transformation that would alter how Emirates NBD does business and boost efficiency across a range of Microsoft-supported business functions. Through this partnership, the banking sector will be given access to fresh potential for innovation, efficiency, and customer experience. The transformation includes important activities that will greatly increase consumer interaction, cooperation, and software development.

Using Github Copilot X to empower the IT departments at Emirates NBD: Emirates NBD is aware of how important it is for its IT teams to deliver reliable software solutions quickly in order to spur business innovation. The bank's IT teams are utilizing the cutting-edge capabilities of Github Copilot X, a sophisticated generative AI tool created by Microsoft, with the support of Microsoft. More than a thousand engineers are now equipped with this cutting-edge coding helper.

Emirates NBD anticipates a significant improvement in coding skill, software development speed, and quality thanks to this solution. This development will be a further step in the transformation of Emirates NBD's technical capabilities, enabling the bank to more quickly and effectively respond to consumer requests.

Trying out Microsoft 365 Copilot across the company: Emirates NBD will be among the first businesses to have access to the Microsoft 365 Copilot preview as part of its commitment to advancing digital transformation. Employees of Emirates NBD will be able to increase their productivity with the help of this collaborative tool, powered by generative AI, by automating repetitive chores, creating content, and supporting difficult decision-making processes. 

By implementing Microsoft 365 Copilot as a pilot program throughout the company, Emirates NBD hopes to create a more intelligent and agile work environment that will promote innovation and increase productivity.

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