Equifax India Appoints Aditya B. Chatterjee As Managing Director


Aditya B. Chatterjee has been appointed managing director of Equifax Credit Information Services Pvt Limited, effective August 1st 2023. In this position, Chatterjee will guide the business as it expands and develops its services to satisfy the demands of Indian consumers and lenders. In the financial industry, Chatterjee has over 20 years of expertise and a proven track record of producing positive results in all of his previous positions.

"India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, with the increasing demand for credit, Equifax has a vital role to play. It’s an exciting phase for the company, and I am confident Aditya B. Chatterjee will be able to lead the company to greater heights during the next phase of its growth,” said Lisa Nelson, President of International at Equifax.

Previously employed by Wipro, Gartner, and Experian, Chatterjee held the position of Senior Vice President with Worldline Group before joining Equifax.

“Over the last decade, Equifax has established itself as one of the leading credit bureaus in India and is uniquely positioned to serve consumers and customers in the retail credit, microfinance industry (MFI) and commercial credit businesses,” said Aditya B. Chatterjee. “I look forward to leading an already strong leadership team to collaborate on new ways to best serve the needs of consumers and lenders in India.”

After more than five years as the managing director of Equifax India, Nanaiah Kalengada retired, and Chatterjee took his place.  

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