Exicom Expands in Southeast Asia, Partners with INNOPOWER in Thailand


ExicomExicom, an Indian electric vehicle (EV) charger manufacturer and one of the early players in the Indian EV charger manufacturing sector with collaborations with global automotive entities, has announced a distribution agreement with INNOPOWER Company Limited, an energy innovations company based in Thailand. This partnership is poised to influence Thailand's electric vehicle market significantly, as Innopower takes charge of distributing Exicom's AC/DC chargers. This strategic initiative strengthens Exicom's presence in the Southeast Asian market by establishing a local sales and distribution network.

Exicom's foray into Thailand signifies a significant stride in promoting streamlined EV charging solutions and strengthening the supporting infrastructure. This move aligns with Thailand's ambition to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, driven by the government's robust focus on e-mobility initiatives and dedicated efforts in EV development and supporting infrastructure. The recently announced partnership between Exicom and INNOPOWER, marked by a signing ceremony, is set to impact Thailand's electric vehicle market, starting with the installation of six 30kW chargers. INNOPOWER's role extends beyond distribution to include promotion, marketing, and sales of Exicom's products throughout Thailand.

To enhance its global presence, Exicom has established a local sales and distribution network comprising members across India and Southeast Asia. The company is expanding its global footprint by diversifying its product portfolio and embracing digitization of internal processes. INNOPOWER, a joint venture of top energy firms in Thailand, specializes in innovative energy solutions and has over 50 years of collective experience. This partnership with Exicom is a noteworthy step in their commitment to promoting clean mobility solutions and contributing to the sustainable development of the EV ecosystem in Thailand.

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