Former Bird & Bird Partner Establishes Independent Firm in Singapore


JonathanJonathan Choo, a distinguished expert in dispute resolution, bids farewell to Bird & Bird after an illustrious tenure of nearly eight years. This move marks the inception of Vantage Chambers, an independent firm situated in Singapore. Having served as Bird & Bird’s partner for dispute resolution in Singapore, Choo brings over two decades of invaluable experience to his new venture.

 Noteworthy is his dual qualification as an advocate and solicitor in Singapore, as well as a solicitor in England and Wales. The establishment of Vantage Chambers reflects his dedicated commitment to advancing the landscape of independent dispute resolution in Singapore.

Expressing his aspirations, Choo states, "Beyond my role as counsel, I aim to assume additional responsibilities as an independent arbitrator and mediator. I am eager to explore collaborative opportunities with peers, co-counsels, and stakeholders within the dispute resolution community. Embracing these diverse roles enables me to make a more substantial contribution to the field and cultivate meaningful partnerships in the legal sphere".

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