Frontdoor Appoints Tech Expert Dr. Bala Ganesh To The Board of Directors


Frontdoor, Inc., the largest home service plan provider in the country with nearly two million subscribers, stated that Dr. Balakrishnan A. Ganesh was elected as a director of the firm on July 28 with immediate effect after receiving unanimous board approval. 

“Bala is a very smart, tech savvy, innovation driven executive,” said Bill Cobb, Frontdoor’s chairman and chief executive officer. “He has a wealth of experience in digital transformation, cybersecurity and product development, especially as it relates to supporting company strategy. He is an outstanding addition to our board and I look forward to working with him closely.”

Ganesh is a partner with AKF Partners, which offers services for technical due diligence, technology consulting, and interim technology leadership.

“I am delighted to be joining Frontdoor’s board. I am deeply familiar with Frontdoor’s business models and technology, and I look forward to helping the company continue the tremendous momentum it’s achieved,” Ganesh said.

Ganesh spent more than 10 years in a range of capacities at United Parcel Service before joining AKF Partners. One of the highlights was when Ganesh oversaw UPS's global technology innovation strategy while serving as vice president of engineering. He was named one of the 100 persons transforming business while serving in this capacity by Business Insider. Ganesh oversaw UPS's technological strategy for aerial drones, robotics, sensors, artificial intelligence, and autonomous vehicles as the VP of advanced technology.

He oversaw a group of data scientists and marketers to build machine learning prediction models for pricing and other activities as the VP of advanced analytics and revenue management. Ganesh has a PhD in aeronautical engineering, a Master of Science in aerospace engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, an MBA, and a minor in mathematics. He is also a graduate of the Indian National Defence Academy with a bachelor of arts degree.

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